Vasseur No Need to Alter F1 Penalty System

Vasseur: No Need to Alter F1 Penalty System


Fred Vasseur argues against revising F1’s penalty framework, trusting stewards to enforce rules effectively.

Fred Vasseur does not believe there is a need to revise the F1 penalty system for drivers who commit errors.

The Ferrari team principal is convinced that the existing regulatory framework is sufficient to punish drivers commensurate with their infractions.

“The stewards have all the tools. They can issue two penalty points on the license for each infraction,” Vasseur replied.

“They have everything on the table. We don’t need to try changing the rule again. It makes no sense to me to change it; we have enough with what we have today.”

Magnussen was very aggressive during the Sprint, and Vasseur did not pay much attention to what the Dane was doing. But according to him, it is up to the stewards to properly utilize the regulations.

“I didn’t pay too much attention to what happened during the Sprint; I was focused on my guys.”

“But in the end, the stewards have the penalty points system, which means that if someone does something wrong once, twice, or three times, they can still penalize them with a time penalty and points on their FIA super license.”

“It’s up to them to do that. I don’t want to take their job, I have enough with mine.”

Vasseur No Need to Alter F1 Penalty System

Vasseur: No Need to Alter F1 Penalty System. Vasseur: No Need to Alter F1 Penalty System

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