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Focus on 2024 Amid Hamilton Ferrari Move


Fred Vasseur urges Ferrari to prioritize the current F1 season over the buzz of Hamilton’s 2025 switch.

Fred Vasseur, Ferrari team principal, believes the squad must navigate through the hype of Lewis Hamilton joining them in 2025 and focus all their energy on the current season.

Hamilton’s announcement that 2024 will be his final season with Mercedes before moving to Scuderia shocked the F1 world and also kicked open the doors to a driver market that was stagnant between 2023 and 2024.

Vasseur feels it’s crucial to concentrate on addressing their issues this year, rather than getting swept up in future plans.

“We need to turn the page and focus on 2024. We have a season ahead of us, and I want to keep all this talk about our future drivers for 2025.”

“It’s good for the team to know exactly what we’ll be doing in the future, but the next topic is 2024, not 2025.”

So, the focus is on 2024! What does Vasseur think about the F1 cars presented so far? And what about Red Bull’s pace yesterday?

Vasseur denies that Ferrari is among those who have “copied” the 2023 Red Bull, but he also admits that the gap remains “huge.”

“We haven’t copied anyone. If you do, you’re always behind.”

When asked if he thought there would be a convergence among the competitors, Vasseur said, “A convergence with Red Bull? I don’t know. But I think all the others will converge at least in terms of pace, with the regulations remaining stable. After five consecutive years, you’re bound to see a performance convergence.”

“We need to make progress, that’s a fact. Last year was a tough season, but I think it was tough for everyone except Red Bull.”

“We know the step we have to take, the one ahead of us, is huge. But we made a good recovery in the latter part of the 2023 season, we did quite well. We need to build the 2024 season on that foundation.”

Vasseur Ferrari Hamilton Focus. Vasseur Ferrari Hamilton Focus


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