Unique Atmosphere of Japan's Grand Prix Unveiled

Unique Atmosphere of Japan’s Grand Prix Unveiled


F1 drivers like Pierre Gasly find Japan’s Grand Prix distinctively exhilarating, thanks to its fervent fans and unique culture.

Pierre Gasly, who has raced in Japan in Super Formula, is one of the most accustomed drivers on the grid to this country, along with Yuki Tsunoda, of course.

What makes Japan and Suzuka such special places?

Unique Atmosphere of Japan's Grand Prix Unveiled

“Well, I think we can already see it as soon as we arrive at the airport or the train station, or even on a Thursday at the circuit.”

“I think this place is really unique. You already have fans, spectators in the stands on Thursday, who simply appreciate the mechanics’ work, you know, building the car, assembling all the parts. And their passion is just incredible.”

“You know, they really show their support in a quite unique way. Usually, when I come here, and I understood this right away with Super Formula, you have to come here with a half-empty suitcase because you leave this place with hundreds of toys and gifts that you receive from the fans.”

Unique Atmosphere of Japan's Grand Prix Unveiled

“It’s personally a country that I love for its values, its respect. It’s very different from Europe and what you see at home. So, it’s definitely unique. And the track itself is one of the fastest on the calendar. It really makes you feel the power and demands of a Formula 1. Coming to Japan is definitely at the top of my list of things I love each year.”

For a country like Japan with so many passionate racing fans, how do you explain that so few Japanese drivers have succeeded in Formula 1?

“I think Yuki explained it very well (read here).”

“Most of the categories are in Europe, and it’s not easy when you are based in Japan. But we are seeing more and more Japanese drivers coming to Europe, racing in Formula 3, Formula 2. When you look back, you had Takuma Sato, Kazuki Nakajima, Yuki. You could say the same about American drivers, who are, you know, from a huge country, and yet we haven’t had many Americans in Formula 1.”

“It’s partly just that: most races take place in Europe and to climb the ranks, you have to go there and leave your family. It’s a sacrifice.”

Unique Atmosphere of Japan's Grand Prix Unveiled

Unique Atmosphere of Japan’s Grand Prix Unveiled. Unique Atmosphere of Japan’s Grand Prix Unveiled

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