Tsunoda's Future Uncertain Amid Honda Support

Tsunoda’s Future Uncertain Amid Honda Support


Despite Honda’s support, Yuki Tsunoda faces an uncertain F1 future with c’s interest in 2026.

Recently, Honda reaffirmed its support for Yuki Tsunoda, who has been backed by the manufacturer since his Formula 1 debut. The company has expressed willingness to support his potential move to Aston Martin F1, which will use Japanese power units starting in 2026—a gesture Tsunoda appreciates.

“I’m very happy to hear what they’ve said. I’ve been working with them since I was young. I’ve been able to accomplish what they wanted me to do; I became a Formula 1 driver with Honda. Without their support, I wouldn’t be here,” Tsunoda recalls. “We have a special relationship, and I love their staff; they are very supportive.”

“But at the same time, in the driver market, it’s a bit of a different story. Ultimately, we need an available seat at Aston Martin if they wish to support me starting in 2026. This means there’s a strong chance they want me at Aston Martin, but we need a seat to be available; otherwise, there’s no chance.”

If this doesn’t happen, Tsunoda hopes he can still work with Honda in the future: “We’ll see how it goes. In that case, if a spot at Aston Martin isn’t available, I need to consider different options, either staying with Red Bull, which would be good, or another solution.”

“In that case, even if we are separated by different manufacturers, Honda will always be in my mind, and it’s certain that at some point, we will reconnect with each other in the future, regardless.”

Tsunoda's Future Uncertain Amid Honda Support

Tsunoda’s Future Uncertain Amid Honda Support. Tsunoda’s Future Uncertain Amid Honda Support

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