Steiner's Impact on Haas F1 2024

Günther Steiner: F1 Fame and Its Impact on Haas


Günther Steiner has become a celebrity in his own right in Formula 1 over the past few years, due to his strong personality as portrayed by Netflix in Drive to Survive.

Aware of his impact on fans, Steiner has also ventured into writing and released a book about the 2022 F1 season, titled Surviving to Drive.

But has this fame had a negative impact on the team? On the contrary, according to Steiner, who however admitted that it could have played a role in Gene Haas’s decision not to extend his contract after December 31.

“I didn’t really believe it, but thinking back on it now, it could have.”

“But in the end, this fame has given a lot of visibility to the team, attracted very good sponsors like MoneyGram because they liked it as they could use this profile.”

“There are always positives and negatives in any deal, so maybe there were positives and someone pointed out the negatives.”

“These are things you can’t always plan for because I wasn’t trying to seek fame. It happened to

me and only people who know me realize that it was never my intention. But I’m OK with that.”

“I don’t wake up in the morning to be a celebrity. I wake up in the morning to work. And I think this has played a lot in favor of the team because, without it, the team might have been shut down earlier. I believe this fame and exposure has enabled the arrival of sponsors.”

“Now, if this has embarrassed Gene, you’ll have to ask him!”

Steiner’s Impact on Haas f1 team. Steiner’s Impact on Haas f1 team

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