Steiner Haas F1 Dispute

Steiner’s Bold Move: Stakes for Sponsorship Spurs Exit


Gunther Steiner’s departure from Haas F1, confirmed amid winter testing rumors, reveals a clash over team ownership stakes with Gene Haas.

Gunther Steiner has confirmed the rumor that was circulating during the winter testing, stating he was dismissed by Haas F1 team owner Gene Haas because he was seeking a stake in the American Formula 1 team.

Steiner, who had led Haas F1 since its inception, has been replaced by engineer Ayao Komatsu for 2024 and beyond.

Until now, the 58-year-old has been hesitant to detail what transpired between him and billionaire Gene Haas. He sat down a few days ago for an interview with Jack Plooij, a presenter for Ziggo Sport, but Steiner later asked him not to broadcast certain responses.

Regrettably, the rumors have spread across the paddock since these responses were overheard by individuals close to the filming.

“Gunther sent me a message saying, ‘Jack, air it,'” Plooij shares.

“Gunther had secured a sponsor for 20 million dollars. But in return, he also wanted shares in the team to stay with Haas. Gene said, ‘No, we won’t do that.’ So Steiner himself called it quits.”

Steiner will be in Bahrain this weekend serving as a consultant for the German channel RTL.

2024 Steiner Haas F1 Dispute. Steiner Haas F1 Dispute


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