Stake F1 Gears Up for Crucial Monaco GP

Stake F1 Gears Up for Crucial Monaco GP


Stake F1 intensifies efforts for Monaco, aiming to rebound strongly after Imola’s setback, says Team Principal Alunni Bravi.

Stake F1 aims to bounce back after another disappointing weekend at Imola. Team Principal Alessandro Alunni Bravi explains that significant effort has gone into preparing for the Monaco Grand Prix, which holds particular importance in the world of Formula 1.

“Monaco needs no introduction, but despite all the off-track activities and the guests we will be hosting, we must not lose sight of our most important goal: performance,” stated Alunni Bravi.

“Monaco is a unique circuit that requires special measures, from setup to parts that aren’t used anywhere else on the calendar. It’s a one-of-a-kind race, challenging for drivers in the cockpit and for engineers in the pits: strategy, setup, timing, every little detail can change a race here.”

“The team has worked hard to prepare for this event: it’s only been a few days since we raced in Imola, but we feel ready. We know how crucial a good result is, and we are all focused on making the most of everything this circuit has to offer.”

“A Return to Another Era” of F1

Valtteri Bottas appreciates the timeless nature of the Monaco circuit and enjoys being one of the many locals: “Monaco is special in every way. It’s a throwback to another era of motorsport, both in terms of the track itself and everything surrounding the event.”

“It’s a major highlight of the calendar, always enjoyable. Plus, since I live in Monaco, I can go home every night, which is not the case for the other races of the season! Monaco is a great challenge for a driver.”

“It’s a place that demands not only technique and precision but also absolute mental focus on every inch of tarmac. There’s nowhere you can relax or shift your attention elsewhere – and every mistake is punished: it’s tough, but it’s a fun challenge.”

“Moreover, while qualifying is crucial in all races, in Monaco, it plays an even more significant role. Add to this the weather, which can change frequently and suddenly, and you have many potentially dangerous elements in a single race. That’s what makes this race what it is, and it’s a challenge I love to tackle.”

Lessons for Monaco After Imola

Guanyu Zhou acknowledges that racing in Monaco as an F1 driver is a unique experience: “The Monaco Grand Prix is one of those things you dream about as a child aspiring to Formula 1: it’s one of the most special moments of the season, a race that even non-fans know.”

“Imola was a tough weekend, but it at least allowed us to learn lessons for the future: while Monaco’s layout is completely different, there are still many elements we can implement to improve and boost our competitiveness.”

“Here, more than anywhere else, qualifying plays a crucial role in the final result. Therefore, it will be important to get going right from the first session and to maximize everything we can do during practice to be ready for Saturday.”

“Even so, it’s a circuit that can spring surprises at every corner: a safety car is never far away, and strategy can also provide opportunities. We must be ready to face anything that might happen, but I am confident in our ability to stand out.”

Stake F1 Gears Up for Crucial Monaco GP

Stake F1 Gears Up for Crucial Monaco GP. Stake F1 Gears Up for Crucial Monaco GP

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