Solid Streak Boosts Piastri’s Confidence at F1

Piastri Gains Ground at McLaren F1 This Season


Oscar Piastri’s increased confidence and consistency shine as he reports three solid weekends at McLaren F1.

Piastri appears to be gaining more performance recently compared to Lando Norris.

Even though consistency and tire management during races remain slight weaknesses for the McLaren F1 driver compared to his teammate, according to the analysis of Andrea Stella, his boss, and his engineers, progress is undeniable for the Australian.

The second place in Monaco has certainly boosted Piastri. Can he discuss his recent improvements?

“Yes, the last three weekends have been very solid for the whole team, and for me personally. Monaco was really the first time with a very good result. But yes, clearly, the car is working well right now and I feel I’ve also made a step forward and have been able to gain consistency over the last weekends, which is always nice. I feel I’m in a good position.”

Has he found something in the settings, or is it purely a question of confidence?

“I’d say it’s more a question of confidence. I think there have been good moments here and there, even at the beginning of the season. The first races were quite promising, with some tough races in between, but overall, I feel I’ve made a good step forward in several areas compared to last year. It’s just the consistency that was really lacking. So the last weekends have been good for trying to get the upper hand. But I don’t think I’ve done anything special, nor has the team for me. We’ve just put the car in a good window. And with the upgrades, it clearly works well and that gives me confidence. So yes, we’ve all stepped up at the same time, the team and I.”

What about this weekend in Canada? Qualified ninth in 2023, he finished 11th, just outside the points. Is he excited about the possibility of contending for victory nearly every weekend?

“I’m hoping for much better, our F1 has progressed enormously since then. I think we can be quite confident that we’ll be somewhere in the right leading pack, which is quite exciting to say. I don’t know if we’ll be the favorites, so to speak, but I really don’t know who the favorites are at the moment. So, yes, I’m looking forward to seeing where we stand. I hope it’ll be better than finishing 11th. But, yes, we’re definitely in the mix now, and I think the last weekends have proved it on very different tracks.”

“And for the second question… I mean, it’s always more exciting when you’re fighting at the front, obviously. That’s why we’re all here. I’m very lucky to have the opportunity to be in this position. But, you know, we’re all here because we’ve managed to make it into F1 and we all want to win. So yes, it’s very exciting to have this opportunity.”

Solid Streak Boosts Piastri’s Confidence at F1. Solid Streak Boosts Piastri’s Confidence at F1

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