Sainz's Red Bull Return in 2025 Not Ruled Out by Horner

Sainz’s Red Bull Return in 2025 Not Ruled Out by Horner


Following his win in Australia, Carlos Sainz’s potential 2025 return to Red Bull gains traction amid F1 team dynamics and contract uncertainties.

Christian Horner stated it’s impossible to rule out Carlos Sainz’s return to Red Bull in 2025 after his recent victory in Australia.

The Spaniard, who highlighted post-race he’s still jobless for next year despite being the only driver to defeat his former team since Abu Dhabi in 2022, might find a chance to reclaim a seat at Milton Keynes.

With Sergio Perez’s contract ending and Max Verstappen possibly leaving if the internal power struggle doesn’t end well, Sainz is definitely on Horner’s radar if he remains in charge and needs to select a new pair.

“We aim to create the best possible duo for Red Bull Racing, so sometimes, we must look outside our pool. The market is quite fluid right now, as you know.”

“Based on a performance like Carlos’s, you can’t dismiss any possibilities.”

“It’s still Carlos beating us. Carlos is the only driver to have beaten Red Bull since… so he seems to be our worst enemy!”

“Jokes aside, we just want to take our time. Checo has had a great start to the season, so we’re not desperate.”

Horner was more dismayed by Daniel Ricciardo’s weekend, a driver he considered for a return to Red Bull Racing eventually. However, the Australian’s performances are starting to raise doubts.

“It’s still very early in the year to think about what’s next for him. He had a tough weekend. I haven’t really looked at his race. He seemed to have a pace quite similar to Yuki’s during the race. He had a difficult day in qualifications, with that lap cancelled. I just want to give him a bit of encouragement.”

“He’s a big boy, he’ll bounce back. But sometimes, being a Formula 1 driver can be a bit of a lonely game, so a bit of encouragement is never a bad thing.”

Tsunoda has shown better performance and expressed a clear desire to drive for Red Bull in 2025.

“Yuki is a very fast driver, we know that. But as I said, the market is quite fluid so it’s too early to make any decisions. We have the best seats available.”

Sainz’s Red Bull Return in 2025 Not Ruled Out by Horner. Sainz’s Red Bull Return in 2025 Not Ruled Out by Horner


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