Sainz's F1 Win Albon's Advice Crucial

Sainz Draws on Albon’s Experience for F1 Return Strategy


Alex Albon hails Carlos Sainz’s Australian GP win as “impressive” after sharing recovery tips post-surgery.

Williams F1 driver Alex Albon, who underwent an appendectomy in 2022, praised Carlos Sainz’s performance in Australia as “very impressive,” acknowledging he had “a lot of communications” with the Ferrari driver in the two weeks between Jeddah and Melbourne.

Sainz clinched his third F1 victory and shared during the Australian weekend that he had sought advice from Albon, who had experienced the same ordeal a year and a half earlier.

“I was in his garage on Thursday trying to offer some tips on how to make his seat more comfortable,” Albon said today.

“It was a significant effort on his part to return to F1 so quickly.”

“People also forget that not only do you undergo surgery, but you haven’t trained for a good two weeks, so you’re generally in poor physical shape, making it not easy.”

Albon’s appendectomy, which forced him to miss the Italian Grand Prix weekend in 2022, was complicated by a simultaneous respiratory failure.

Unlike Sainz, Albon had at least an extra week of recovery between races before making a return for the following event in Singapore.

“I encountered another issue, not so much related to my appendix, and I had an extra week compared to Carlos, so the circumstances were slightly different.”

“Adrenaline is a wonderful thing; it masks a lot of issues. I can assure you he was not comfortable in the car. The first few laps are strange, you feel this inertia, and your stomach feels very odd. Everything inside feels like it’s moving, and it’s not that pleasant.”

“I’m not sure the human body is designed to take 5 or 6G. Something odd happens inside. But without a doubt, Carlos did an excellent job since he won!”

Sainz’s F1 Win: Albon’s Advice Crucial. Sainz’s F1 Win: Albon’s Advice Crucial


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