Sainz's F1 Future Tied to Rival Teams' Choices

Sainz Admits: ‘No Clue Where I’ll Be Next Year’


Carlos Sainz’s quest for a 2025 seat is influenced by F1’s shifting dynamics and teammate moves.

Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz has acknowledged that his future in F1 hinges on the moves of other drivers and teams.

Sainz is on the hunt for a seat in 2025 after losing his to Lewis Hamilton, who is leaving Mercedes F1 at the end of the year to join Charles Leclerc.

Hamilton’s departure leaves an open spot at Mercedes, with Sainz linked in speculation, though not seen as the team’s top wishlist candidate.

With over half the grid out of contract and teams looking to solidify their line-ups for 2025 and beyond, Sainz admitted his next move might not be entirely up to him.

“Honestly, unfortunately, I have no clue where I’ll be next year. It’s true we’re in talks with many teams,” he shared after his 3rd place finish at Suzuka.

“I just have to stay focused on what I’m doing and prove to myself and everyone that when given a fast car, I maximize what’s given to me and deliver the expected result.”

“It’s been a good start to the season. True, with this car, we can shine a bit more. Last year’s car, I had similar performances to this year but couldn’t shine as much. It was a much harder car to drive, and during the races, we were looking more behind us than ahead.”

“This year, we’re looking forward and making overtakes, allowing us to shine a bit more. I’ll continue to push.”

When asked if his future depends on other drivers’ movements, Sainz said, “I think it also depends on other drivers, other teams, and what they choose to do. There are rumors at Red Bull, and until that’s clear, nothing will really move.”

“But teams know I’m available, so let’s see what happens.”

Sainz certainly didn’t harm his hopes with another podium at the Japanese Grand Prix, following his last win in Australia.

“Definitely. I had a good race; I knew a podium was possible if I ran a perfect race.”

“Sometimes it looked a bit tricky, I didn’t quite understand what was happening with drivers on one or two stops, so I thought two stops were much worse, but when I put on the hard at the end, I was very quick, flew there, and made the necessary overtakes to secure the podium I was really looking for.”

Sainz’s F1 Future Tied to Rival Teams’ Choices. Sainz’s F1 Future Tied to Rival Teams’ Choices

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