Sainz's F1 Future Excitement Amid Uncertainty

Sainz’s F1 Future: Excitement Amid Uncertainty


Carlos Sainz confronts mixed emotions as his Ferrari tenure ends, with an uncertain yet potentially thrilling F1 future ahead.

Carlos Sainz says he feels both discomfort and excitement about not knowing where his future in F1 lies as his tenure at Ferrari comes to an end.

This is Sainz’s final season with Ferrari, as the Scuderia has chosen to recruit Lewis Hamilton in his place, leaving the Spaniard facing an uncertain future as he battles to secure a new seat for 2025.

Linked to vacant seats at Red Bull, Mercedes, and Sauber before Audi’s entry in 2026, Sainz is fortunate that the driver market is much more open than usual with many available cockpits.

Despite this, the Spaniard has admitted feeling quite uncomfortable with this challenging situation because it coincides with a very good form on his part and Ferrari’s.

“Positive or negative, it will always depend on my performances,” he responds when asked how difficult the period he is negotiating is, given the uncertainty of the upcoming 2026 regulations.

“I think what’s good about this sport is that if you perform well, things usually work out.”

“It can sometimes be frustrating, I won’t lie. Going to bed some days not knowing what the future holds can be frustrating and uncomfortable.”

“Other times, it’s exciting because there are new developments every day—honestly, there are new things happening each day about discussions, conversations, ongoing negotiations.”

“What’s good is being able to separate things like I do—performing well on track and leaving the rest to my management team.”

“Things are going well, but it shows how difficult F1 is. Someone looking from the outside might think, ‘this guy is performing so well and still doesn’t know where he’s going to race next year.'”

“In other sports, this might not happen as often, it just shows that F1 is a very unique sport—in some ways political, and especially very dependent on your equipment, it’s very unique in that sense. And for 2026, it’s impossible to know in advance what the best choice will be.”

“But it’s also exciting and, in a way, when Netflix presents it like this, it can be very exciting from the outside once you learn what’s happening inside! But you’ll have to wait for the release of the next season to know everything, or almost everything!”

No news expected before Miami…

Speaking today, Sainz’s manager, Carlos Onoro, stated that there would be no news before the next race in Miami.

“Let’s just say it’s an interesting period right now,” said Onoro when asked where Sainz might end up in 2025.

“The driver market has been very volatile lately and I think we will see some movements in the coming weeks, but for now, the juggling continues.”

When asked if there would be any news about Sainz’s next move before the Miami Grand Prix, Onoro replied, “No, no, no! You can sleep well between China and Miami, don’t worry!”

“There won’t be any major news at least from our part, we are still playing the game, so we’ll see.”

Sainz's F1 Future: Excitement Amid Uncertainty

Sainz’s F1 Future: Excitement Amid Uncertainty. Sainz’s F1 Future: Excitement Amid Uncertainty

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