Sainz Urges Speed on F1 Contract Talks

Sainz Urges Speed on F1 Contract Talks


Amidst contract uncertainties, Carlos Sainz expresses hope for an early resolution of his F1 career path, eyeing a stable future.

Sainz is one of the 12 drivers on the F1 grid with contracts ending at the end of 2024. Along with Fernando Alonso, Sainz is among the biggest names available for teams to sign for next year.

Unsurprisingly, the Spaniard has been linked to numerous teams. Audi is highly interested in Sainz to lead its new project (with a response expected by mid-April), while Mercedes, Red Bull, and Aston Martin are also potential options.

Sainz’s stock continues to rise in F1, especially after his victory at the Australian Grand Prix.

Addressing his future during the FIA press conference at the Japanese Grand Prix, Sainz stated: “I am talking to a few people because that’s what my management team needs to do as I don’t have a job yet for next year.”

“I’m actually talking to almost everyone. It’s just about going into more detail and seeing the most realistic options and what are the best options for me and my future. I don’t have any news for you or anything to say here today.”

“The only thing I would say is that it’s time now to speed everything up and I hope we can resolve my future as soon as possible.”

Sainz was forced to miss the season’s second race in Saudi Arabia due to appendicitis. Without that – and without a good race in Jeddah – Sainz would likely be leading the world championship for the first time in his F1 career.

He now feels he is back to 100%.

“I’ve been cycling this week. I stayed a week in Australia. I started going back to the gym.”

“Obviously, I’m not yet hitting big scores in training as I used to, but at least I can complete my training. I feel back to 100% for here in Suzuka, yes. It’s much better than in Melbourne.”

Sainz Urges Speed on F1 Contract Talks. Sainz Urges Speed on F1 Contract Talks


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