Sainz Sr The 2024 Ferrari Must Be Better

Sainz Sr: The 2024 Ferrari Must Be Better


Carlos Sainz Sr., after winning his fourth Dakar Rally, challenges Ferrari to enhance their F1 car for 2024. He emphasizes continual improvement and the team’s duty to provide a superior vehicle.

Carlos Sainz Sr. insists Ferrari’s F1 car in 2024 “must be better.”

61-year-old Carlos Sainz Sr., recently claiming his fourth Dakar Rally victory, made comments during the event that could be construed as a “critique” of Ferrari.

“What I admire about Carlos is his continual improvement,” said Sainz Sr. about his son.

“He’s still young, yet he’s already amassed significant experience. I believe this is his prime time, even at his age (29).”

“Some drivers stop developing at a certain point, but he manages to make progress every year.”

The Sainz family is currently urging the Maranello team to extend the Spaniard’s contract beyond 2024, but rumors suggest team boss Frédéric Vasseur may want to keep his options open for now.

As for Sainz Sr., he asserts that Ferrari’s primary responsibility this year is to provide his son with a better car than he had in 2023.

“I have faith that Ferrari will make the necessary leap. The 2024 car has to be better, and we hope to see this advancement.”

Sainz Sr: The 2024 Ferrari Must Be Better. Sainz Sr: The 2024 Ferrari Must Be Better.

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