Sainz Refutes Rejecting Audi F1 Supports VW Group

Sainz Refutes Rejecting Audi F1, Supports VW Group


Carlos Sainz denies rumors of dismissing an Audi F1 contract, reaffirming faith in the Volkswagen Group’s success.

Carlos Sainz has refuted recent rumors claiming he turned down an offer from Audi F1 and missed the deadline to confirm his contract. The Ferrari driver insists that these claims are unfounded and that the rumor initiated by a journalist from the Spanish media outlet DAZN is baseless.

“No, that’s not correct, there’s no truth to it,” Sainz stated. “As I’ve mentioned before, some things are not entirely within my control, and there will be waiting involved. However, in the meantime, it’s not as if I, or we, are completely idle.”

“We continue to engage with people and push forward what we can, but all these things always involve the waiting that, as I’ve already said, we will need to endure for decisions to be made in many areas.”

Beyond his connection to his father Carlos, who won the Dakar Rally with Audi, the Spanish driver highlights that the Volkswagen Group consistently succeeds in motorsport: “It’s certain that my father will always speak highly of Audi, the project, and he’s convinced that Audi will reach the pinnacle of Formula 1.”

“If you follow the Volkswagen projects, whenever they have been involved in motorsport, whether it’s with Porsche, Audi, or any other member of the Volkswagen Group, they have managed to win.”

“And I think that’s a very important asset and something very important to consider. But in my decision, and obviously in everything, there are many more factors to take into account.”

“I really hope that Audi can in the future compete for victories because that would mean one more car fighting for wins, and being a huge brand as they are, I wish them the best even without having decided whether it’s a possibility for me or not.”

Sainz will not rush despite Nico Hülkenberg signing for Audi: “No, the only certainty I have is that I want to make the right decision. That’s why it has taken a bit longer, and that’s why I want to see all the available options before making a fundamental decision.”

“I think that Nico joining Audi makes perfect sense for them and for Nico, and I think he’s a great driver. I’ve managed to see his talents; it’s a great signing for them. I congratulate them, and him, because he has done very well at Haas recently.”

Sainz Refutes Rejecting Audi F1 Supports VW Group

Sainz Refutes Rejecting Audi F1, Supports VW Group. Sainz Refutes Rejecting Audi F1, Supports VW Group

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