Sainz Frustrated and Bitter Over Ferrari Departure

Sainz Frustrated and Bitter Over Ferrari Departure


Carlos Sainz expresses frustration about leaving Ferrari as Hamilton steps in, marking a poignant shift in his career.

With Lewis Hamilton joining Ferrari in 2025, Carlos Sainz is now on the lookout for a new seat.

His unexpected departure from the Italian team has left the Spaniard feeling disappointed and frustrated. He confirmed this when asked about his plans for next year (he is in contact with Audi, Red Bull, and Mercedes F1, among others).

Sainz has mixed feelings about leaving the team, mainly due to the time and energy he devoted to this collaboration.

“A bit bitter, to be honest,” he says.

“The fact that all this hard work and all the time I spent at Maranello helping this team, and developing with this team, in creating a project that is now beginning to bear fruit, is frustrating because I won’t be here in 2025.”

“It makes me very happy about this year and a bit sad that we cannot continue the journey together, with Fred (Vasseur), with Charles (Leclerc), and all the engineers… because I feel that in some ways, we are doing good work together and everything is taking a good shape for the future and the rule changes of 2026.”

After four years at Ferrari, it will be time to say goodbye in seven months, but Sainz sees a silver lining in the situation.

“I think you always have to see things once they happen, then look back. Like when I left Toro Rosso and Renault at the time, and now, when you look back, everything makes sense, as if life was planned.”

“And it’s another case where, maybe, in the future, looking back and seeing how all this unfolded will make sense. But I admit I’m having a hard time finding it right now.”

Sainz Frustrated and Bitter Over Ferrari Departure

Sainz Frustrated and Bitter Over Ferrari Departure. Sainz Frustrated and Bitter Over Ferrari Departure

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