Sainz Contemplates Future Red Bull Mercedes or Audi

Sainz Contemplates Future: Red Bull, Mercedes, or Audi?


Carlos Sainz deliberates his F1 future amidst options from Red Bull, Mercedes, and Audi as strategic moves loom.

Carlos Sainz has acknowledged that Ferrari’s signing of Lewis Hamilton took him “by surprise”, stating that his primary goal was to secure a top seat for the 2025 season, or alternatively, commit to a longer-term project.

The Spaniard has two potential opportunities to remain within a leading team: move to Red Bull if Verstappen and/or Perez were to leave, or join Mercedes F1. Otherwise, he has a solid offer from Audi F1, a project that would inevitably take longer to achieve success.

He discusses his situation without explicitly naming these three teams, although they can be easily inferred.

“Hamilton joining Ferrari was a tough blow; I did not see it coming. It surprised me this winter,” he shared before heading to Miami, when questioned about his future.

“I was confident about renewing my contract, but this will be my last year with the team and I just want to focus on performing my best for the Prancing Horse.”

“In fact, I am already part of a top team at Ferrari, and succeeding here—as I am currently—makes other top teams take notice.”

“Ultimately, what I have always wanted as a driver is to be seen as a strong contender for the top spots in F1.”

“And honestly, I hope it stays that way for many more years.”

The question remains how long Sainz will wait, as playing for time to join Red Bull or Mercedes F1 might lead Audi to sign another driver.

“All options are open, but such decisions take time.”

“Not much has changed in the last few weeks from this standpoint, but it doesn’t affect my racing, my performance on the track. Decision-making takes time for everyone.”

“People often ask me whether it’s better to think about next year or the long term when making decisions. I suppose it depends on what you’re being offered.”

“As a driver, you always look at the option of the fastest car because you think that way you can win podiums and victories like I am doing this year.”

“But medium-term opportunities are also interesting, considering the regulatory change in 2026.”

“Each option has its pros and cons, but the best part is that as of today, all options remain open for me.”

“I smile when I think about the future even though what happens is not entirely up to me. I just have to wait and do my job well. If it takes time, that’s okay.”

“Also, because of the regulatory change in 2026, it’s almost impossible to know who will be the strongest. Decisions thus also depend on what the teams ‘sell’ you, but no one really knows.”

“For 2025, at the current rate, I’d like a competitive car.”

“Anyway, the situation doesn’t bother me: I know how to separate the track and the questions from journalists and fans about the future.”

“When you race, you race. I’ve been in F1 for 10 years, I know how to manage my weekends.”

Sainz Contemplates Future Red Bull Mercedes or Audi

Sainz Contemplates Future: Red Bull, Mercedes, or Audi?. Sainz Contemplates Future: Red Bull, Mercedes, or Audi?

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