Sainz Cautions Marko's Bahrain Test Claims

Sainz Cautions Marko’s Bahrain Test Claims


Amid Marko’s claims of Red Bull’s lead, Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz adopts a measured stance, highlighting the uncertainties of Bahrain’s tests.

According to Dr. Helmut Marko, the Bahrain test results suggest a gap still in Red Bull Racing’s favor, though not as significant as the competition fears.

The Austrian consultant believes the margin over Ferrari is about three-tenths, a gap consistent with the end of last year. And two or three more over Mercedes F1.

When Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz is asked about this assertion, he remains cautious.

“I don’t know if it’s three tenths, one tenth, half a second; it’s impossible to know at this stage with the fuel loads and engine modes,” responds Sainz.

“Our race simulations were quite good, and if they played the same fuel strategy as us, then yes, it’s tighter than in 2023. But nobody knows what was in the cars, except us at ours and them at theirs.”

Sainz Reflects on Ferrari, Red Bull Pace

“But I can already tell you, from the outside, it’s a very good car. You can see from the design there’s a half-step ahead of the others and they had more time to develop it given the advantage they had last year.”

“But at the same time, I think we had good days during the tests in Bahrain, we collected data this year that really makes sense compared to the simulator and that’s what we wanted. Let’s give ourselves some time to analyze everything and see where we stand.”

At this point, when asked if he was “afraid of what he saw at Red Bull,” Sainz emphasizes that Ferrari didn’t exactly look slow in Bahrain.

“No, afraid is not the right word. Obviously, you see them being very fast. We have been fast as well. But I think it’s too early to know the real difference between us.”

Sainz Cautions Marko’s Bahrain Test Claims. Sainz Cautions Marko’s Bahrain Test Claims


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