Safety Warnings for Madrid's New F1 Circuit

Safety Warnings for Madrid’s New F1 Circuit


Joaquin Verdegay, the Spanish Automobile Sports Federation’s vice-president, raises significant safety concerns about Madrid’s circuit, focusing on the proximity of stands and the structure of tunnels and pit buildings.

Does Madrid’s circuit present excessive dangers? This is the opinion of Joaquin Verdegay, vice-president of the Spanish Automobile Sports Federation, following the project’s presentation. He believes that the stands are too close to the track, especially after the long inclined curve at the end of the circuit.

“All the stands on the left at the exit of the bank seem dangerously close,” he stated. “Because if something happens, the centrifugal force will throw the car’s debris to the left, and look what we have on the left.”

“Two pieces of the stands, excessively close, could be placed on the left side of the track. There would be an access problem; we could install bridges, it’s a spot with less visibility, but the public needs to be protected.”

Madrid Circuit’s Tunnel Safety Concerns

There will be two tunnels on the circuit, and he is concerned about one of them, which could be approached too quickly: “Regarding this first tunnel, what worries me most is that it’s quite long and one enters it at high speed.”

“I think we should try to reduce the access speed as much as possible so that drivers don’t enter the tunnel at full speed. I have the impression that this is not the case, and honestly, it worries me.”

Finally, he is surprised by plans that seem to set up a permanent building, whereas the location of the pits requires a temporary setup: “The entire right structure, that is the pits, should probably be built in a removable way, as the entire right element is the main entrance of the IFEMA.”

“I assume the pit buildings will be moderately dismountable, that’s my first criterion. I am simply drawing attention to the fact that the pits, which are numerous, are buildings that must be dismountable.”

Safety Warnings for Madrid’s New F1 Circuit. Safety Warnings for Madrid’s New F1 Circuit

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