Russell Urges Faith in Mercedes' F1 Revival Plan

Russell Urges Faith in Mercedes’ F1 Revival Plan


George Russell emphasizes the need for continuous belief in Mercedes F1’s potential as they introduce new upgrades in Miami, aiming for a significant turnaround.

George Russell has stated that Mercedes F1 must “keep believing” that the enhancements made to its Formula 1 car in 2024 will allow it to take a major step forward.

Despite renewed optimism that its W15 is an improvement over its predecessors, Mercedes has had its worst season start since 2011.

The German brand has only shown its potential in glimpses over the first five race weekends, but these promising signs tend to fade when it matters most.

Mercedes is 44 points behind McLaren, which is in third place and had started the previous season struggling to score points before improving to become a podium contender.

As Mercedes introduces new parts this weekend in Miami, Russell explains how recent events have demonstrated that just one development package can revitalize a team.

“There have been enough examples showing that when you bring an upgrade to the car, if you place it in the ideal window, you can find a lot of performance.”

“We saw it with Aston Martin in the winter of 2022, we saw it with McLaren last year, and Ferrari this winter. So we need to keep believing that we can make such a leap. But we are also being realistic.”

“We know that we are in a four-team fight each week, behind Red Bull. Probably falling back in qualifying, a bit more in the fight on Sunday.”

“And it still takes a lot for us to turn that around. So we are bringing some improvements this weekend.”

“Everyone is improving their car, but you often progress at the same rate. And that’s the challenge everyone faces. We can make the leap that our rivals have managed to make.”

Russell Urges Faith in Mercedes' F1 Revival Plan

Russell Urges Faith in Mercedes’ F1 Revival Plan. Russell Urges Faith in Mercedes’ F1 Revival Plan

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