Rosberg Shuns Netflix F1 Series

Rosberg Rejects Netflix’s F1 Series, Focuses on Family


Nico Rosberg, the 2016 F1 World Champion, shares his reluctance to feature in Netflix’s ‘Drive to Survive’, prioritizing family over the distraction of the popular series that spotlights Formula 1’s inner workings.

Nico has expressed that he would not have enjoyed being featured in the Netflix series, ‘Drive to Survive’, which delves into the behind-the-scenes of Formula 1. The 2016 World Champion believes it would have been too much of a disturbance.

“No, no, no, it would have been terrible,” he stated to City A.M. “It would have been awful because it would have distracted me from focusing on winning the championship. It would have been a disaster.”

“What F1 has done so well with Netflix is that it’s a reality TV show. They were fortunate to have people like Guenther Steiner or some team bosses who were really willing to be genuine, even with the associated risks.”

“Formula 1 has seen an incredible surge in viewership thanks to social media and Netflix, which has been phenomenal, but also because of the new generation, which is very exciting.”

“It’s great to see, and we’re all somewhat following this evolution, but Extreme E still needs to find other ways to generate viewership and grow.”

Rosberg is indeed the owner of the Rosberg X Racing team, competing in the Extreme E championship alongside teams from Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button: “Extreme E is what I enjoy as a team boss and owner, and this first three-year adventure has been very successful.”

“My issue is that I’m not ready to dedicate my life to such a project as I did as a racing driver because I enjoy my time at home too much, time with my kids, my wife, and my family.

“Life after racing has been a journey of discovery, as everything was clear before. I know I want to be involved in something that contributes to society, which is why we do Extreme E, and that’s why I have Rosberg Philanthropies.”

Rosberg Shuns Netflix F1. Rosberg Shuns Netflix F1

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