Red Bull’s Strategy for Newey’s Departure Since 2014


Red Bull has strategically prepared for Adrian Newey’s departure since 2014, ensuring a seamless transition in their technical leadership.

Christian Horner has disclosed that he and Adrian Newey are not parting on bad terms after the engineer decided to leave Red Bull. The Milton Keynes team’s principal understands the departure, although he wished it hadn’t come to that, and he emphasizes that the team has built a very solid technical structure around Technical Director Pierre Waché.

“I’ve spoken at length with Adrian, and his stance is very clear. We’ve had an excellent relationship, and we continue to have an excellent relationship. We are friends and colleagues, and he has done a tremendous amount for this team,” stated Horner.

“We will be sad to see him go, but he leaves the team in good health, and we have a formidable, strong, and deep team to progress with. However, I think we are well positioned for the future.”

“I believe this applies to the technical team we have. I think we’ve always known that this day would come, and it’s something that has been prepared for since 2014 when Adrian was very close to leaving.”

Red Bull’s Structure ‘Has Evolved’

Horner asserts that Newey’s role had already changed from what it was initially, considering how Red Bull manages its resources: “I think Formula 1 is a very complex business today, especially with the cost cap elements that need to be considered.”

“You must think very carefully about how you commit your funds, your budgets, your resources, and how you will get the best value for money, and I think obviously, we have had a structure that has evolved around Adrian over the years and was able to adapt to his way of working.”

“He is the only designer in Formula 1 who still works on a drafting table, but of course, as the regulations have become increasingly strict and Adrian’s role has evolved and developed within the team over the past few years.”

“Others have had to step up, and we have had to change and evolve our way of working, as is the case in any organization. You must continue to evolve and adapt, and that is what we have done.”

Horner, in any case, commends the fact that the engineer stayed with Red Bull for 18 years, longer than he had ever remained with any team, and reiterates that their relationship will not suffer from this departure.

“Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever. Adrian was with Williams for seven years, with McLaren for seven years, and we were fortunate to have him for 18 years, so I think we’ve had some great times both on and off the track. He’s a friend, the godfather of my children, and we remain friends.”

Red Bull's Strategy for Newey's Departure Since 2014

Red Bull’s Strategy for Newey’s Departure Since 2014. Red Bull’s Strategy for Newey’s Departure Since 2014

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