Red Bull’s RB20 Struggles Weeks to Resolve

Red Bull Faces a Fundamental Correlation Issue with the RB20


Red Bull’s RB20 faces a fundamental correlation issue. Verstappen states it will take “weeks” to resolve, highlighting challenges ahead.

Red Bull is facing concerns over emerging problems with its RB20 after an impressive start to the season. Following two races where McLaren F1 and Ferrari have made a comeback, the team is experiencing a tough weekend in Monaco, struggling to handle the bumps and kerbs of the principality.

Helmut Marko, Red Bull’s motorsport advisor, explains that the issue is one of correlation, with the simulator not providing accurate data compared to what the drivers experience on track.

“The season began with the expectation of great success. Then came the first disappointment in Australia,” Marko stated. “But the fundamental problem isn’t the circuit; it’s the correlation between the simulator and the track. It doesn’t work. In the simulator, we drive over the kerbs without any issues.”

“And to use Max’s expression, the car bounces like a kangaroo, and that’s the issue. This has already been evident in the setups for Miami and partially at Imola.”

“So we have to start with that. But we need to ensure that when we get to real circuits, like Barcelona, we regain our previous form.”

Verstappen confirms that Red Bull will have to live with this problem for several races. Worse, he admits that the team has no solution to improve the situation because they don’t understand the origins of the problem.

“It’s a fundamental issue that won’t be resolved in a few weeks. First, we need to fully understand what it is because it’s clear that we don’t,” says the three-time world champion.

“We’re going to work hard to try to identify the problem and then, of course, try to eliminate it. But I don’t know if we can do that this year; I hope it will be for next year. If we had known what the problem was, we would have fixed it.”

“Spain doesn’t have bumps, so it’s probably better for us, but some circuits with bumps where you need to ride the kerbs—there are definitely a few circuits that are not ideal for us. However, there are probably some races that suit our car better.”

“We know where we need to work. There is a clear direction where we are still lacking a bit of performance, and if we can correct that, our car can be better on all circuits.”

Verstappen made a mistake in qualifying but confirms that the RB20 is very difficult to handle: “No, I wouldn’t say it’s my first mistake of the year. And I’d like to invite anyone else in the paddock to try to go faster than me in this car here. I’m pushing the limits, but the car is horrible to drive this weekend.”

Paul Monaghan, the engineering director, is not worried about the rest of the season: “We have confidence in our development process. We also have many parts that are coming.”

Red Bull’s RB20 Struggles Weeks to Resolve

Red Bull’s RB20 Struggles: Weeks to Resolve. Red Bull’s RB20 Struggles: Weeks to Resolve

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