Red Bull's RB20 Evolution A Strategic Leap Forward

Red Bull’s RB20 Evolution: A Strategic Leap Forward


Adrian Newey reveals the advanced design and enhanced aerodynamics of Red Bull’s RB20, marking a significant evolution at Suzuka.

Adrian Newey, technical consultant for Red Bull, outlines the concept behind the team’s latest Formula 1 car and the scope of the enhancements introduced at Suzuka.

Although the RB20 is outwardly different from the RB19 in several respects, Newey states that the core idea behind it remains the same, yet advanced to a more sophisticated level.

“In truth, the type of architecture of the car has stayed very similar.”

“It’s the third generation since 2022. The aerodynamic principles you now see on this year’s car compared to last year’s, it’s a path we’ve been genuinely pursuing since the start of 2022 and it’s just a more extreme version in terms of cooling. Yet, the RB20 continues along the same trajectory as the RB19 and RB18.”

Red Bull unveiled its first significant upgrade for the car at last weekend’s Japanese Grand Prix, incorporating new vent openings on either side of the cockpit among other changes.

“The whole concept, including the top vent, somewhat extends a principle we really started to emphasize quite strongly last year, to centralize cooling as much as possible.”

“So, it was quite a small step forward. I think this weekend would probably have been good anyway without these enhancements. But, you know, we all understand things are going to get tighter, so we keep pushing.”

“It’s obviously to the credit of all the guys in the factory. We have an incredible team of engineers, whose ideas then spread throughout the whole organization. Their enthusiasm, drive, and creativity make what you see here in front of you.”

Red Bull’s RB20 Evolution: A Strategic Leap Forward. Red Bull’s RB20 Evolution: A Strategic Leap Forward

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