Red Bull's Newey Targeted by F1 Rivals Marko Confirms

Red Bull’s Newey Targeted by F1 Rivals, Marko Confirms


In a revealing twist, Dr. Helmut Marko admits to receiving enticing offers aimed at prying Adrian Newey from Red Bull’s F1 stronghold.

Dr. Helmut Marko does not deny that lucrative offers are circulating to lure Adrian Newey away from Formula 1’s dominant team, Red Bull.

Newey, one of the most famous F1 designers of all time, can claim much of the credit for Red Bull and Max Verstappen’s dominance.

However, his name is being mentioned in connection with the current turmoil and ongoing leadership struggle behind the scenes at Red Bull.

“Everyone thinks he’s Horner’s best friend,” said former Red Bull driver Robert Doornbos, “but he no longer wants to be involved in this saga. What I’ve heard is that he will not renew his contract. And that’s a big deal because if he stops at the end of 2025, where will that leave them for the new era?”

When asked at Suzuka about reports of an “astronomical” offer made to Newey by Aston Martin, team principal Mike Krack responded that it was false.

But Marko, at the center of the dispute with Horner, does not deny that attempts are being made. Ferrari, Aston Martin F1, and even Mercedes could try to poach him.

“He’s a highly sought-after designer. He’s the one everyone wants,” says the Red Bull consultant.

“I don’t think it’s the first offer (from Aston Martin) he’s received and I don’t think it will be the last.”

As for Newey himself, at Suzuka, he remained mysterious about his future.

“I don’t tend to plan things too far in advance. As long as I continue to enjoy it and the team likes me, I will continue to do it and then we will have to see what the future holds.”

“I always enjoy F1. Since about the age of 10, I wanted to become a designer – I don’t think I knew the word ‘engineer’ – in motorsport, and ideally in Formula 1.”

“That’s what I dedicated all my teenage years to. I managed to land that first job in motorsport after graduating. I’ve enjoyed it immensely and continue to do so.”

Red Bull's Newey Targeted by F1 Rivals Marko Confirms

Red Bull’s Newey Targeted by F1 Rivals, Marko Confirms. Red Bull’s Newey Targeted by F1 Rivals, Marko Confirms

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