Red Bull's 2025 Lineup Perez's Future Hangs in Balance

Red Bull’s 2025 Lineup: Perez’s Future Hangs in Balance


As F1’s silly season intensifies, Sergio Perez must prove his consistency to stay with Red Bull beyond this year.

As the ‘silly season’ peaks in Formula 1, it remains uncertain who will drive for Red Bull next season. Max Verstappen is tied to the Austrian team until 2028, but nothing is set in stone due to internal team struggles, while Sergio Perez is nearing the end of his contract.

Will there be a major shakeup at Red Bull in 2025, or will the current driver duo be ultimately retained? According to Christian Horner, speaking in China, the latter option seems more likely at this time, although no decision will be rushed.

“We’re in a situation where we are very satisfied with our two drivers. But we do not need to make a final decision on the lineup until much later in the year. Max has a long-term contract anyway, Checo’s contract ends this year, but he has been driving exceptionally well since the start of the season.”

Does Horner have an explanation for the Mexican’s notable improvement this year?

“Probably because he’s no longer under contract! No, I think he worked hard over the winter. He came in maybe changing a bit his approach to Grand Prix weekends and he has been very close in the four races since the start of the season, especially on a circuit like Suzuka where, last year, he struggled, but this year, he has been very competitive.”

“I think that sums up quite well the fact that our two drivers have the same equipment. Checo has worked hard behind the scenes. He has spent many hours on the simulator and his approach to a Grand Prix weekend, his setups, etc. have converged with his teammate. So, he is doing well and has had some good races since the beginning of the year.”

Perez himself declared in Shanghai that he hoped to soon announce his plans for 2025. Could this mean that he has already received a response from Red Bull, positive or negative, regarding a contract extension? Horner deflects the question and also mentions Carlos Sainz, who apparently received a lucrative offer from Audi.

“Of course, Checo would like to make an announcement tomorrow, no doubt. But as a team, we’re not particularly in a rush. We are in a privileged position where many drivers would obviously like to drive for the team, but we are satisfied with the duo we have, we just want to make sure that the level of consistency that Checo has started this season maintains, and in due time, we will evaluate these options. But, as I said, at this stage, we are very satisfied with the team we have. So there’s no urgency to announce the full driver lineup for 2025.”

Red Bull's 2025 Lineup: Perez's Future Hangs in Balance

Ricciardo and Tsunoda are closely monitored by Horner and Red Bull.

However, the situation becomes slightly more complicated each weekend for Daniel Ricciardo, who appears increasingly less favored to take Perez’s place at Red Bull next year. But Horner has not yet written off the Australian driver in the race for the second seat, while also not forgetting to mention Yuki Tsunoda and his very good start to the season.

“It’s still early, isn’t it? I mean, his season hasn’t really started yet. Daniel has had some difficulties. And I think he would admit himself that he hasn’t been up to par since the beginning of the year. But we’re only at the fifth race. It’s a circuit where he has historically been strong, he won here remarkably for us in 2018, so let’s see how things unfold.”

“All our drivers are under contract with Red Bull Racing, and we loan these drivers to RB F1. Obviously, we closely follow the drivers, we closely follow their development. And I have to say that Yuki, conversely, has had an excellent start to the season and is driving very well. So for us, as a sister team, we are closely interested in these drivers.”

If Ricciardo were to underperform again in the upcoming races, could it be imagined that he would be replaced mid-season by Liam Lawson?

“It’s largely in Daniel’s hands. He needs to show the kind of form that turns heads so that not only we, but potentially others, take notice. And we’re only at the fifth race. It’s a circuit that has already been successful for him. So it will be interesting to see if he can really get his season started here. It’s clear that a driver as talented as Liam Lawson is waiting in the wings and is naturally eager for an opportunity. But there is nothing preset or predetermined about the date or even the eventuality of such an opportunity. The priority is certainly given to the drivers who are in the race seats right now, and we’ll see how it goes.”

Red Bull's 2025 Lineup: Perez's Future Hangs in Balance

Red Bull’s 2025 Lineup: Perez’s Future Hangs in Balance. Red Bull’s 2025 Lineup: Perez’s Future Hangs in Balance. F1 2024 Red Bull’s 2025 Lineup: Perez’s Future Hangs in Balance

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