Red Bull Stability Mintzlaff Confirms Key Retentions

Red Bull Stability: Mintzlaff Confirms Key Retentions


Red Bull CEO Mintzlaff confirms Marko and Horner will stay, highlighting strategic optimism for 2026.

It’s often suggested that Max Verstappen’s true loyalty to Red Bull lies in his connection with his 80-year-old mentor, Dr. Helmut Marko, who, according to Toto Wolff, might accompany Max to Mercedes F1.

Oliver Mintzlaff, the CEO of Red Bull present in Miami, has assured that he does not foresee an exit for his Austrian compatriot.

“I think that’s out of the question,” Mintzlaff insists. “Helmut is closely tied to Red Bull and we owe him a lot. He also had the courage to trust Max with a Formula 1 cockpit at the age of 17.”

He also suggests that the turmoil surrounding team principal Christian Horner now seems to be subsiding. He believes that calm is being restored, indicating that the Austrians have accepted what the Thais are imposing.

When asked if Red Bull could continue to succeed with Horner at the helm, Mintzlaff replied: “I am convinced of it. He is solely focused on the team’s success and is a very effective CEO.”

He did, however, let Adrian Newey leave.

“Adrian has done great things here over the years and has played a big role in our victories and 13 world championship titles.”

“It’s obviously a pity that he’s leaving, but we discussed this in a very fair and respectful dialogue. What he leaves behind is not just a unique legacy but also a structure he helped build.”

“Of course, we will miss him – as a person too – but tomorrow we will still be able to build a very fast Formula 1 car.”

Horner is overseeing the development of Red Bull’s Formula 1 engine in collaboration with Ford for 2026 and beyond, and rumors suggest Verstappen is nervous about it not being competitive.

“We want to continue in 2026 where we are now: at the top of Formula 1. Of course, there are no guarantees, but even though we have proved we can handle major rule changes, other teams have not managed to close the gap with us for three years.”

“Max has noticed this too, and it makes me view the future with total optimism. We have been preparing for 2026 for a long time, and even though building our own engine is a major task and challenge, we are confident that we can master it.”

“This is the next step in the development of Red Bull.”

Red Bull Stability Mintzlaff Confirms Key Retentions

Red Bull Stability: Mintzlaff Confirms Key Retentions. Red Bull Stability: Mintzlaff Confirms Key Retentions

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