Red Bull Saudi Victory F1 2024

The Jeddah One-Two Confirms Red Bull’s Strong Momentum


Christian Horner is facing turmoil off the track, but the Red Bull director has no issues in managing his sports project. The Brit has once again praised the one-two finish his team secured in Saudi Arabia this Saturday.

“It was a very well-executed race, the only incident we had was Checo’s unsafe release during his pit stop, but Checo had enough control to retain his second place despite the penalty, and Max was clinical throughout to win again,” Horner stated.

“The cars performed brilliantly all weekend, and the drivers did their part to give us our second one-two finish of the season already. I think you can see the team is operating at an incredibly high level, both on the track and back at Milton Keynes, maintaining the momentum from last year.”

“It’s a testament to a lot of hard work by everyone. The RB20 was for us an aggressive evolution of the RB19, but after a dominant showing in Bahrain, we came to another circuit, and it performed well again.”

“At Melbourne, we’ll face a very different challenge, so let’s see how we perform there. We’ve started the season in the best possible way, and the whole team now wants to continue this form for the rest of a very long season.”

Helmut Marko also enjoyed the spectacle provided by his drivers: “It’s incredible, and we’re really happy. Both drivers had a fantastic race. The car is also outstanding. Everything works. The strategy, the pit stops, and the tire wear. Two races with a one-two finish. It’s a great achievement.”

However, the Austrian remains wary of the competition’s comeback: “That wouldn’t bother me. We’ve been good at two different circuits. But I must say that tire wear was higher than expected, especially with the hard tires. I hope but don’t believe it will continue as smoothly as this.”

“You see Ferrari is getting closer, and here the overtakes were very difficult. That’s why I don’t see the same result in Melbourne, China, and Suzuka. But I believe we have a solid car, and that’s necessary because we want a fourth title for Max. That’s what we’re aiming for.”

Red Bull Saudi Victory. Red Bull Saudi Victory


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