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Red Bull RB20: Evolution, Not Revolution


Adrian Newey debunks revolution claims about the Red Bull RB20, emphasizing its evolutionary design from the RB18.

The unveiling of the Red Bull RB20 was a major surprise, featuring a car that seemed to drastically diverge from its predecessors. Adrian Newey addressed the notion that this new F1 was a revolution, but the designer refuted such claims.

“No, not at all,” Newey responded on the F1 Nation podcast. “The underlying architecture of the car is an evolution from the third generation of what started with the RB18.”

“The location where we carry everything, aside from the radiators, has changed, but apart from that, the layout of the front suspension, rear suspension, gearbox, etc., represents a third evolution of the RB18. The elements that are visible, and that have obviously drawn a lot of attention, are essentially aerodynamic gains.”

“However, the visual change is actually much more significant than the performance change it brings about, and there are other, more subtle elements that people haven’t noticed, which are probably responsible for a more substantial gain.”

The aim of these changes was to achieve a better development platform, but also to create a more versatile car: “That’s what we tried to do: a car that is reasonably well-suited to all tracks.”

“I think, typically, last year, the tracks where we had the least advantage were the urban circuits with the maximum downforce. I think we could have definitely secured podiums there if we had been a little more organized.”

“Singapore was challenging, and it’s true that these circuits are where we probably have less of an advantage, but as long as our performance isn’t disastrous on these tracks, maybe that’s enough.”

Red Bull RB20: Evolution, Not Revolution. Red Bull RB20: Evolution, Not Revolution


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