Red Bull Racing vs Ferrari Gene s Optimism for 2024

Ferrari’s Optimism: Gené Foresees Improved Season


Marc Gené, Ferrari’s ambassador, expresses optimism for the upcoming season. Improved simulator feedback hints at a stronger performance, challenging Red Bull and Mercedes more effectively on the track

Marc Gené, a Ferrari ambassador, believes the Italian team will have a better season ahead. The Spaniard notes that the feeling in the simulator is much improved, but this doesn’t mean Ferrari is eyeing a potential world title. Scuderia acknowledges Red Bull Racing as the top favorite for the championship, yet Gené thinks Ferrari drivers will more frequently challenge Max Verstappen and Sergio Pérez on the track.

In 2023, Ferrari failed to make progress. The Italian team had finished second in the championship a year earlier, but Mercedes managed to outperform Scuderia last season. The team of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz was, however, the only one to defeat Red Bull last year. Ferrari hopes to consistently challenge Red Bull in the coming season, and significant changes to the car are planned to achieve this.

Ferrari Cautiously Optimistic for Season

Currently, there’s a cautious optimism within the Ferrari team. They are aware that the drivers’ feelings in the simulator only tell part of the story. “The data we collect on the track is ultimately much more important and will be decisive,” Gené is quoted by Mundo Deportivo. “But it’s true that at this point last year, we weren’t fully convinced by the car based on what the simulator was telling us, and this year the sensations are very different.”

Mercedes has also reported positive feedback from their simulator. Toto Wolff has indicated that the car “feels like a Formula 1 vehicle again for the first time in two years.” The first shakedowns and the Bahrain test days, which Gené sees as most crucial, are eagerly awaited. “We really need to wait until the car is on the track, which will happen on February 13.” That day will also see the unveiling of Ferrari’s livery, and a week later, all cars will be on display in Bahrain.

Red Bull remains the favorite.

All teams will primarily be focusing on Red Bull. The competition aims to dethrone the Austrian team, but the big question is whether Red Bull will be as dominant again. “It’s difficult, as Red Bull had a very big lead last year and they say this year’s car is much better. They are naturally the favorites. It might be a bit optimistic to say we’ll fight them for the title. I do think we will take a step forward and regularly compete with them,” Gené concludes.

Red Bull Racing vs Ferrari: Gené’s Optimism for 2024. Red Bull Racing vs Ferrari: Gené’s Optimism for 2024

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