Red Bull HR Appeal
Christian Horner. Credit: Red Bull Content Pool

Horner Case: Red Bull Employee Switches Lawyers, Plans Appeal


The Red Bull Racing employee who filed an HR complaint against Christian Horner, rejected by Red Bull’s parent company, is expected to appeal in the coming days, according to Telegraph Sport, following a change of legal representation.

The newspaper reports, “There has been a delay in switching legal representation, but it appears she intends to appeal the outcome of the internal investigation conducted by Red Bull GmbH on allegations of controlling behavior.”

On February 28, the eve of the 2024 season opener in Bahrain, Red Bull announced that the case against Horner had been dismissed following a several-week investigation by a specialized and anonymous external lawyer.

Red Bull Saga Exposes Deep Rifts

Since then, Horner’s accuser has been suspended by the company due to concerns over the accuracy of her testimony.

“The case is far from over. Not only does the involved woman intend to continue her fight, but Red Bull GmbH remains under pressure to demonstrate greater transparency in how it reached its decision,” the newspaper adds.

“A second investigation is also reportedly underway regarding the regular leaks over the past five weeks. Initially, the investigation itself was leaked, then the nature of certain allegations. Finally, the day after the announcement of the dismissal of the case against Horner, a large amount of screenshots, mostly WhatsApp messages purportedly between Horner and his accuser, were leaked via anonymous email to journalists and paddock figures.”

Regardless of the outcome of this second investigation, the saga, which has lasted more than two months, has exposed serious divisions within Red Bull, both at the corporate level and within the racing team. Divisions and power struggles that have been rumored for months were confirmed by Jos Verstappen, father of Red Bull’s triple world champion Max Verstappen.

Marko Clause Scrutiny

Another inquiry into the legality of the Marko clause is also underway, this time initiated by Red Bull Racing.

Marko revealed at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix last week that he might resign or be suspended, suggesting his departure could trigger a clause in Max Verstappen’s contract allowing him to leave.

“There are lingering doubts about the legality of this clause that need to be clarified at the team’s request. Telegraph Sport learned that Marko added it himself as a company director, unbeknownst to anyone at Red Bull Racing or the group. Red Bull declined to comment when asked if this was true.”

After discussions in Jeddah with Red Bull GmbH’s CEO, Oliver Mintzlaff, Marko stated he remains with the team, with all parties emphasizing the importance of unity.


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