Red Bull F1 Crisis F1 2024

Days of Thunder: Red Bull’s Tumultuous Crossroads


The Red Bull Formula 1 team faces a public internal conflict, as Jos Verstappen demands Christian Horner’s resignation, revealing deep divisions.

Within the Red Bull Formula 1 team, a now public civil war casts a shadow over the future of the squad. The situation escalated to a point of no return when Jos Verstappen, father of Max Verstappen, a three-time world champion, openly called for the resignation of team principal, Christian Horner.

This statement highlights a deep internal conflict, capable of tearing the team apart from within.

An investigation conducted by Red Bull’s parent company into Horner, scrutinized by significant figures in F1 and targeted by damaging leaks, had already raised questions.

However, Jos Verstappen’s public intervention, asserting that the future of Red Bull Racing is at stake if Horner remains at the helm, marks a dramatic escalation. While the team claims unity and focus on competition, the reality appears much more complex.

On the track, Horner might enjoy unwavering support, but the real question lies not in the number of supporters on each side but in the identity of these backers.

Behind Horner stands the F1 empire based in Milton Keynes and the Yoovidyah family, main owners of Red Bull. But who backs Jos Verstappen? Does he speak on behalf of his son as well? And what is the stance of Helmut Marko, Oliver Mintzlaff, and Mark Mateschitz in this situation?

Far from being a lone voice, Jos Verstappen plays a crucial role in his son’s career. His stance raises fundamental questions: who benefits from Horner’s departure?

Red Bull’s Crossroads

The answer seems to be that Horner’s current leadership is seen as a major obstacle, creating a distraction detrimental to the team’s performance in the short and long term.

This internal crisis recalls past tensions, notably during the 2022 Monaco Grand Prix, where Red Bull did not favor Max Verstappen, and a dispute over team orders in Brazil that same year.

These incidents suggest that the current issues are not new and raise the question of whether the team is seeking a director more inclined to prioritize Max Verstappen.

Beyond these internal struggles, there may be a broader strategy at play to pave an exit for Verstappen, especially if Red Bull’s progress in the engine department for 2026 is insufficient.

Speculations emerge about a potential move to Mercedes, although this seems unlikely at the moment. Toto Wolff, the boss of Mercedes, has not dismissed this possibility, highlighting that drivers always seek the fastest car.

Ultimately, while it is known that at least one person believes Red Bull would be better off without Horner, the true extent of this sentiment and its implications remain uncertain.

What is clear, however, is that Red Bull stands at a critical crossroads, and the decisions made today will shape its future in the world of Formula 1.

Red Bull F1 Crisis 2024. Red Bull F1 Crisis 2024.


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