RB F1 Red Bull Relationship

RB F1’s “Honest” Bond with Red Bull Racing Explained


RB F1 CEO asserts their tighter ties with Red Bull Racing are above board, amid scrutiny and debate.

The CEO of RB F1, formerly known as AlphaTauri, insists that their closer relationship with the parent team, Red Bull Racing, is “honest”.

Zak Brown, the CEO of McLaren, led the charge this winter against what he describes as “A-B teams” – a clear reference to the fact that Red Bull has evidently brought the technical alliance of its two F1 teams closer for 2024.

“The definition of a constructor is someone who develops their own intellectual property,” insists Brown, CEO of McLaren. “The FIA really needs to do something.”

After Red Bull Racing stunned the Formula 1 world with a 2024 concept incorporating Mercedes-style “zero sidepod” elements, some have noticed that the VCARB 01 also features eerily similar characteristics, even though teams are not supposed to communicate during the winter.

Yuki Tsunoda is in any case pleased that the team has moved closer to its ultra-dominant sister team.

RB F1 and Red Bull: Honest Cooperation

“There are obviously rules about how much we can work together, and the rules are the same for everyone. We’ll see how much closer we can work together, but I think it’s definitely a positive sign that we can also gain some knowledge from the winning car.”

RB F1’s new CEO, Peter Bayer, insists that the Red Bull teams are doing nothing wrong.

“All teams are under close scrutiny. Of course, Red Bull Racing and RB F1 cooperate, but within the limits of what is allowed. And the regulations are very precise. What we’re doing is honest.”

And Bayer said that the two teams were also working together at the beginning of 2023, when AlphaTauri was at one point last in the constructors’ standings.

“Nobody wanted that situation to continue. So, we changed a lot of things as early as last year, and we’ve pushed that to the limits of the rules. No more, no less.”

RB F1 Red Bull Relationship. RB F1 Red Bull Relationship


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