RB F1's 'Chameleon' Livery Lights Up Miami GP

RB F1’s ‘Chameleon’ Livery Lights Up Miami GP


RB F1 dazzles with a ‘chameleon’ livery at the Miami Grand Prix, turning heads and setting trends.

The Miami Grand Prix has quickly become a showcase for aesthetic extravagance in just two editions, and 2024 is no exception. Following Ferrari, which will feature a blue-tinted livery, RB F1 has unveiled a special decoration for the Florida leg of the championship on this pre-Grand Prix night.

Daniel Ricciardo’s and Yuki Tsunoda’s VCARB 01s are shedding some of their classic blue for a ‘chameleon’ livery, complete with a multicolored nose and side pods. This is, of course, a marketing move by the team, spearheaded by Cash App and Visa, promoting their Chameleon Card payment card, which matches these colors.

“The Visa Cash App RB chameleon card is the perfect color for our first race in the USA,” stated Peter Bayer, CEO of RB F1. “Since the team’s launch in Las Vegas in February, we’ve made significant strides and are taking fans on a new and exciting journey.”

“This desire to progress and connect is shared by Visa and Cash App, who bring people together in sport through experiences unlike any other. This incredible livery and the events surrounding its launch here in Miami demonstrate their commitment to the team and to F1.”

RB F1's 'Chameleon' Livery Lights Up Miami GP
RB F1's 'Chameleon' Livery Lights Up Miami GP

RB F1’s ‘Chameleon’ Livery Lights Up Miami GP. RB F1’s ‘Chameleon’ Livery Lights Up Miami GP

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