RB F1 Strategic Vision

RB F1’s Revival: Mekies’ Strategic Vision


Laurent Mekies tackles his inaugural GP as RB F1’s team principal, heralding a fresh chapter with high expectations.

Laurent Mekies is competing in his first Grand Prix as a team director this weekend. Now serving as the team principal of RB F1, he is pleased to take on this role within a team that is starting a brand-new chapter of its existence.

“These are very different situations. You know, as we’ve said, it’s a unique opportunity to be involved in the start-up of a new team like this,” the Frenchman recalls. “So, we are in the process of trying to lay the foundation for the team.”

“And I feel like I’m part of the beginning of something very fresh. Last year, the situation was completely different. Obviously, Ferrari has very high ambitions, the pressure is very different, and the demand for results is very different.”

“And we were trying to find our way with Fred when we were working together there. So, it’s a very different set of conditions, but definitely very enjoyable in both cases.”

Mekies Aims Beyond Fifth: RB F1’s Transformation

Unlike his predecessor Franz Tost, who always aimed for the fifth place for the Faenza team, Mekies wants to focus on the changes needed within the team to achieve their goals: “I think Franz and the team have done a fantastic job over the years.”

“And if we really want to improve performance in the coming years, it won’t be by changing a few things and hoping for better performance because those guys were doing a great job, they had a very sharp team.”

“So, we are trying to build what we need in the factory to give us the means to make these performance steps. We’re not quoting numbers yet. We’re trying to improve the team in every area and see where that takes us.”

RB F1 Strategic Vision. RB F1 Strategic Vision


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