RB F1 Shines as Tsunoda Targets Monaco Glory

Tsunoda’s Form Sparks RB F1 Hopes in Monaco


Yuki Tsunoda arrives in Monaco in top form, aiming to impress at a circuit where harmony with the car is crucial.

A fully fit Yuki Tsunoda arrives in Monaco, a circuit where a driver must be in complete harmony with the car.

Can the Japanese driver continue to impress the paddock in the Principality by securing a Q3 spot or better? He certainly seems very confident.

“I generally feel confident for this weekend; I’ve scored points in the last two races, three if you count the Miami sprint. Monaco is a tough and very exciting circuit where qualifying is always special. In fact, last year was the first time I made it to Q3 in Monaco, and I can do the same this weekend. It would be great if I could continue scoring points on Sunday.”

“I think the team is in good shape; our performance, consistency, and competitiveness have improved since Miami, so I have no concerns. Our goal is to extract even more performance from the car, especially on Saturday afternoon, which is really the first part of the race itself because grid position is so important. And I believe we will be able to perform well again this weekend.”

Daniel Ricciardo Shows Progress, Eyes Redemption at Monaco

Despite generally being less competitive than his teammate, Daniel Ricciardo appears to be making progress, notably since his significant chassis change.

Returning to the Principality, can RB F1’s second driver, who has won here in Monaco, confirm his resurgence on a circuit that offers no forgiveness? It would be the best sign of his revival…

“First of all, I’m very excited to be racing in Monaco again after missing the Grand Prix last year. It’s one of those places that’s just different; it’s such a special feeling.”

“Looking back, I have a lot of good memories from this place, and I’m eager to see what I can do this weekend. In terms of performance, we’re more consistent with the car, which is crucial for Monaco. The race result really hinges on qualifying, and last time in Imola, we managed to get both cars into Q3 for the first time this year, which is a good sign. If we have a clean weekend and can repeat that, we should be in a good position for Sunday.”

Jody Egginton, the team’s technical director, provided some specific insights into the unique demands of the Monaco circuit and why it is so unrepresentative of the rest of the calendar.

“The Unique Challenge of Monaco: A Technical Insight by Jody Egginton”

“The unique challenge of Monaco makes it an exception: the walls are close, and the track is narrow, creating a rewarding but difficult circuit to drive, especially during qualifying. Securing the best possible grid position on Saturday offers the greatest advantage of all the circuits on the calendar. One of the key parameters for optimizing both car and driver is improving performance lap by lap, which also requires maximizing track time.”

“The circuit layout demands maximum aerodynamic downforce and mechanical settings that favor mechanical grip and good characteristics over the curbs, which means that mechanical settings are generally among the softest of the season. Although the average speed of this circuit is the lowest on the calendar, it is just as important to optimize the car’s grip on this unique track as it is to have a well-balanced car with predictable handling on both new and used tires. This allows drivers to exploit the track’s every nook and cranny without fearing a barrier hit while being able to build momentum in the faster corners around the Hôtel de Paris, Massenet, and Casino Square. Another key aspect of Monaco is consistent and predictable braking performance.”

“Tire energy is very high in Monaco due to the numerous sections with limited grip and heavy braking demands, as well as traction requirements. Drivers must remain focused on controlling wheel spin to keep the tires in a good thermal condition.”

Tsunoda ‘Doesn’t Want’ to Leave RB F1 but Will Explore His Options

Tsunoda ‘Doesn't Want’ to Leave RB F1 but Will Explore His Options

“They Will Always Be Welcomed” Says the Japanese Driver

Yuki Tsunoda aims to join Red Bull in the future, but the path to the main team is currently blocked. The RB F1 driver acknowledges that he is open to any future changes, but also considers his current team a very good option for the continuation of his career.

“To be honest, RB has been very strong so far, so obviously I don’t really feel like leaving,” Tsunoda said. “But we’ll see how things go. Obviously, a lot is happening around me.”

“But I’ve been part of the Red Bull family for a long time, so I have a lot of loyalty, and Honda has helped me a lot to get here. I love this team, you know, the Italian culture, they are all funny. But yes, if I have to explore options, they will always be welcomed.”

In Imola, both Tsunoda and Daniel Ricciardo missed their starts, and the Japanese driver reveals that it is currently one of the priorities for RB F1, which is trying to eliminate time losses during this phase. Especially since the sister team has no such issues.

“It’s a bit of a topic for our team, we are working hard. We’ve been working really hard on the starts since the beginning of the season. We’ve improved a bit, but we definitely need to take another step because I’d say consistency is lacking. So we need to look to the future.”

“I thought it was the tire preparation, and we’ve done a lot of work in that area, but it’s not enough. I think it’s also about the consistency with the clutch. Red Bull, with the same engine, is able to have a regular start. So there’s definitely something we’re missing or need to improve.”

RB F1 Shines as Tsunoda Targets Monaco Glory. RB F1 Shines as Tsunoda Targets Monaco Glory

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