Prost Verstappen's Titles Devalued by Lack of Competition

Prost: Verstappen’s Titles Devalued by Lack of Competition


Alain Prost laments the weak competition against Max Verstappen, questioning the value of his recent F1 titles.

However, the four-time Formula 1 world champion expresses disappointment that the Dutch driver, who could match his title count this year, does not face stronger and more consistent competition. This detracts from the value of his last two titles.

“Max is one of the best, if not the best, Formula 1 drivers today, and we have to accept that. But a championship means more to the winning driver when there is a fight among two or three teams,” the Frenchman states in Sport Illustrated.

The Frenchman hopes that Mercedes and Ferrari can rejoin the fight with Red Bull Racing as soon as possible. And then? A choice must be made!

“Mercedes and Ferrari would stand a better chance if, like Red Bull, they find a true lead driver and focus more on him. It’s unfortunate that they don’t yet have the performance to consider this at the moment. I hope they will next year, and then we will have another great battle like in 2021.”

This leads seamlessly to Ferrari and the arrival of Lewis Hamilton.

“I can understand that he wants to try something different. Mercedes has been struggling for two years, so I can see why he might look for a change.”

Nevertheless, Prost doubts that the team change will have the desired effect.

“Next year, he’ll be another year older. I wonder if he can regain his motivation. It’s possible for a short period, but he’s been with an English team for a long time, and the working style of Ferrari, an Italian team, is different. Hamilton will also face incredible media pressure, which isn’t easy.”

However, according to Prost, Hamilton had little choice.

“I mean, I don’t know if he had the chance to go to Red Bull, but not with Max, of course. So that’s not possible. Then you can go to Ferrari, especially with the regulatory change in 2026. Then he has a year, 2025, to integrate well.”

“After 2026, he will be 42, maybe even 43 years old, so that’s going to be another story. But I can understand if you don’t want to stop racing.”

“The question is: is it a good decision? Will it be a good choice? Also, for Ferrari, you could ask the question.”

“It’s good for the sport because everyone will watch. But the idea or perception you might have today will be different next year at the same stage, because he will be a year older and will he find his motivation at Ferrari?”

“It’s possible because if it’s for a short period, if Ferrari does well, I think he could find the motivation.”

Prost Verstappen's Titles Devalued by Lack of Competition

Prost: Verstappen’s Titles Devalued by Lack of Competition. Prost: Verstappen’s Titles Devalued by Lack of Competition.

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