Porsche Still Awaiting Vettel's Decision

Porsche Still Awaiting Vettel’s Decision


Porsche remains in suspense as it awaits Sebastian Vettel’s decision on whether he will return to premier racing, potentially rejoining the competitive circuit in the World Endurance Championship.

Sebastian Vettel has left Porsche waiting for his decision on a return to racing in a top-tier category like the World Endurance Championship (WEC).

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff, with a seat still available for 2025, recently admitted that the retired four-time world champion is currently “flirting” with a comeback.

However, Red Bull has ruled out a reunion with the 36-year-old German, while Wolff does not consider Vettel a genuine contender to replace Lewis Hamilton next year. And while Vettel has expressed interest in a return to Formula 1, he has not been very insistent about it.

Nevertheless, there seems to be a spot for Vettel in the Porsche family, the winner of 53 Grand Prix races having recently tested a Porsche hypercar for the WEC and Le Mans.

Vettel has not yet contacted the German automaker to give them an answer.

“We have read in the media that he is in talks with several people, but we only know that he has not yet decided what he will do,” says Urs Kuratle, director of Porsche Motorsport.

“We also do not know if he will reappear with us, nor where or when. We will find out in the coming weeks.”

Porsche has recently delayed the planned announcement regarding the full driver lineup of the third hypercar for the legendary 24-hour race in 2024.

“We are always looking at what is best for the team,” adds Kuratle. “We have a lot of good drivers.”

Porsche Still Awaiting Vettel's Decision

Porsche Still Awaiting Vettel’s Decision. Porsche Still Awaiting Vettel’s Decision

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