Porsche Dominates Chaotic 6 Hours at Spa

Porsche Prevails at Spa


Amidst a tumultuous 6 Hours of Spa, Porsche emerged victorious, overcoming multiple stoppages and a dramatic red flag to claim supremacy.

The 6 Hours of Spa were nothing short of eventful, with multiple neutralizations and even a red flag interruption, but the Porsche 963s had the last word.

The WEC stopped in the Belgian Ardennes this weekend, and the splendid field once again provided a magnificent show at the world’s most beautiful circuit.

The battle raged throughout the race between Porsche and Ferrari, with the private Jota Sport team’s 963 driven by Callum Ilott/Will Stevens outpacing the official Penske Motorsport car piloted by André Lotterer/Kevin Estre/Laurens Vanthoor.

This marks the first WEC victory for Jota, who now leads the team championship, and the first success for a private team in the Hypercar category, while the Penske #6 crew solidifies their lead in the drivers’ standings ahead of the 24 Hours of Le Mans next month.

Starting from the front row after the disqualification of the Ferrari that had clinched pole position, the only Cadillac entered quickly fell back before retiring due to a major crash by Alex Lynn in traffic on the Kemmel climb, an incident that triggered the red flag.

The final hour of the race saw the official 499P Ferraris climb to third and fourth places, followed by the Porsche 963 Proton of Julien Andlauer/Neel Jani, then the two Toyotas, the private Ferrari, and Alpine, which edged out Peugeot for the top 10.

WEC Spa – Race results:

1HERTZ TEAM JOTA12W. Stevens, C. Ilott141
2PORSCHE PENSKE MOTORSPORT6K. Estre, A. Lotterer, L. Vanthoor14112.363
3FERRARI AF CORSE50A. Fuoco, M. Molina, N. Nielsen1411’14.020
4FERRARI AF CORSE51A. Pier Guidi, J. Calado, A. Giovinazzi1411’17.710
5PROTON COMPETITION99N. Jani, J. Andlauer1411’26.326
6TOYOTA RACING8S. Buemi, B. Hartley, R. Hirakawa1411’34.955
7TOYOTA RACING7M. Conway, K. Kobayashi, N. de Vries1411’38.331
8AF CORSE83R. Kubica, R. Shwartzman, Y. Yifei1411’49.162
9ALPINE ENDURANCE TEAM35P. Chatin, J. Gounon, C. Milesi1412’07.089
10PEUGEOT TOTALENERGIES93M. Jensen, N. Müller14010.657
11BMW M TEAM WRT15D. Vanthoor, R. Marciello, M. Wittmann14030.282
12ALPINE ENDURANCE TEAM36N. Lapierre, M. Schumacher, M. Vaxiviere14037.360
13BMW M TEAM WRT20S. Van Der Linde, R. Frijns, R. Rast1402’09.102
14PEUGEOT TOTALENERGIES94P. di Resta, L. Duval1392 laps
15ISOTTA FRASCHINI11A. Serravalle, C. Bennett, J. Vernay1383 laps
16MANTHEY EMA91Y. Shahin, M. Schuring, R. Lietz13011 laps
17MANTHEY PURERXCING92A. Malykhin, J. Sturm, K. Bachler1301’11.355
18IRON LYNX60C. Schiavoni, M. Cressoni, F. Perera1301’19.920
19IRON DAMES85S. Bovy, R. Frey, M. Gatting1301’37.121
20UNITED AUTOSPORTS59J. Cottingham, N. Costa, G. Saucy1301’41.394
21VISTA AF CORSE54T. Flohr, F. Castellacci, D. Rigon1301’50.871
22D’STATION RACING777C. Mateu, E. Bastard, M. Sorensen1302’12.827
23PROTON COMPETITION88G. Roda, M. Pedersen, D. Olsen1302’17.936
24PROTON COMPETITION77R. Hardwick, Z. Robichon, B. Barker1302’24.658
25AKKODIS ASP TEAM78A. Robin, T. Boguslavskiy, R. Miyata12912 laps
26HEART OF RACING TEAM27I. James, D. Mancinelli, A. Riberas1299.322
27TF SPORT82H. Koizumi, S. Baud, D. Juncadella1291’30.923
28VISTA AF CORSE55F. Heriau, S. Mann, A. Rovera1292’28.972
29AKKODIS ASP TEAM87T. Kimura, E. Masson, J. Lopez12813 laps
30CADILLAC RACING2E. Bamber, A. Lynn9546 laps
31TEAM WRT31D. Leung, S. Gelael, A. Farfus8754 laps
32PORSCHE PENSKE MOTORSPORT5M. Campbell, M. Christensen, F. Makowiecki6477 laps
33UNITED AUTOSPORTS95J. Caygill, N. Pino, M. Sato5982 laps
34LAMBORGHINI IRON LYNX63M. Bortolotti, A. Caldarelli, D. Kvyat591’47.875
35TF SPORT81T. Van Rompuy, R. Andrade, C. Eastwood5685 laps
36HERTZ TEAM JOTA38J. Button, P. Hanson, O. Rasmussen37104 laps
37TEAM WRT46A. Al Harthy, V. Rossi, M. Martin33108 laps
Porsche Dominates Chaotic 6 Hours at Spa

Porsche Dominates Chaotic 6 Hours at Spa. Porsche Dominates Chaotic 6 Hours at Spa

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