Pirelli's Evolutionary Triumph at Suzuka GP

Pirelli’s Evolutionary Triumph at Suzuka GP


Pirelli’s success at Suzuka marks a significant evolutionary step in F1 tyre technology. Their strategic choices underscored the race, showcasing their adaptability and the critical role tyres play in the sport’s dynamics.

Pirelli immediately analyzed the Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka, highlighted by Max Verstappen’s 57th win and Red Bull’s 31st Formula 1 one-two finish. In this race, the hardest tyre, the C1, accounted for 60% of the laps completed by competitors, featuring a very important strategic element.

“Once again, Formula 1 proved to be spectacular,” stated Mario Isola, Pirelli’s Head of F1. “At one of the most challenging circuits for both drivers and cars, we saw a race filled with numerous overtakes.”

“A variety of strategies were played out, partly thanks to the three compounds we selected for this event. This allowed drivers to choose from different options, in terms of both tyre compound changes and pit stop timing.”

“While it’s true that Red Bull and Max Verstappen had the upper hand again, enabling them to win with relative ease, there were exciting battles behind them, not just on the track but also among the teams on the pit wall.”

The high temperatures at the start of the race dramatically changed the situation.

“Sunday was the hottest day of the weekend, with track temperatures starting at 40°C before dropping to 32°C. Therefore, thermal degradation was significant, and those who managed it best were able to make up ground.”

“I’m thinking especially of Leclerc, who had an outstanding race in this respect. His single pit stop took him from eighth to fourth place. The undercut proved very effective, but it’s a fact that those who stopped too early were then at a disadvantage in the latter stages of each stint.”

“All these variables created performance differences that facilitated overtaking, which was great for the fans. Indeed, the fans who filled Suzuka throughout the weekend really added to the spectacle, and it was wonderful to see them celebrate the local hero, Yuki Tsunoda’s, tenth place.”

 Pirelli's Evolutionary Triumph at Suzuka GP

Pirelli’s Evolutionary Triumph at Suzuka GP. Pirelli’s Evolutionary Triumph at Suzuka GP

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