Pirelli F1 Tires Earn Sustainability Milestone

Pirelli F1 Tires Earn Sustainability Milestone


In a major sustainability move, Pirelli’s Formula 1 tires now boast the Forest Stewardship Council™ logo, marking a commitment to environmental standards.

Pirelli, the exclusive tire supplier for the FIA Formula One World Championship, has achieved a significant milestone in sustainability. Starting this year, all tires used in Formula 1 will feature the Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC™) logo, a certification that ensures the natural rubber used in the tires meets stringent environmental and social standards.

This initiative is part of Pirelli’s commitment to sustainability, announced with the renewal of its partnership with Formula 1 through 2027. The FSC™ certification applies to all tires used throughout the season, including pre-season testing, ensuring these tires comply with the FSC™’s rigorous criteria for sustainable forest management, a leading organization in this field.

Pirelli Advances Green Tech in F1

Pirelli’s FSC™ certified tires were introduced after an intensive development program that began in 2022, proving their reliability and performance. Their use started during the initial testing sessions of the Bahrain Grand Prix, marking a significant advancement in the pursuit of sustainable solutions in motorsport, particularly in Formula 1, considered the pinnacle of technology and competitiveness.

Pirelli has been recognized for its commitment to climate change, receiving an A rating in the Climate 2023 list of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). The firm was also the first tire manufacturer to achieve a three-star rating in the FIA’s Environmental Accreditation Program. In collaboration with the FIA and Formula 1, Pirelli continues to develop new technologies to reduce CO2 emissions and support sustainability in motorsport.

Pirelli Pioneers Sustainability in Motorsport

Beyond the FSC™ certification, Pirelli has implemented several sustainable initiatives for motorsport, such as transforming used tires into secondary raw materials, exclusively using renewable electricity in production, virtual tire design to reduce materials used, eliminating tire warmers to save energy, and more ecological logistics, favoring sea transport over air transport.

Giovanni Tronchetti Provera, Executive Vice President of Pirelli, highlights the significance of these FSC™ certified tires in the company’s commitment to a sustainable future. The collaboration with the FIA, Formula 1, and the Forest Stewardship Council™ underscores a shared desire to reduce the environmental impact of motorsport and promote sustainable innovation and technology.

The FSC™ certification is a testament to Pirelli’s dedication to sustainable management of its natural rubber supply chains, in line with its sustainable natural rubber policy established in 2017. This approach aims to ensure responsible management of natural resources and promote environmentally beneficial practices for workers and local communities, while meeting the high-performance requirements of motorsport.

Pirelli F1 Tires Earn Sustainability Milestone 2024. Pirelli F1 Tires Earn Sustainability Milestone 2024.


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