Piastri McLaren F1 Surprise 2024

Trulli Touts Piastri as 2024 F1 Season’s Dark Horse


Jarno Trulli predicts Oscar Piastri as McLaren’s unexpected ace for the 2024 F1 season. With a year’s experience, Piastri’s potential in a competitive McLaren could shake up the racing dynamics.

Trulli believes that the surprise of the 2024 season will be a McLaren F1 driver. Specifically, the Italian sees Oscar Piastri making an impression, now with a season of experience under his belt which he can use to progress further.

“As a surprise for 2024, I would say Oscar Piastri, as he has a potentially competitive McLaren and could confirm his talent after a very positive first season,” Trulli told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“If the car is up to par, we might get used to seeing him frequently on the podium. Today, it’s difficult to judge a young driver in the lower categories; there are too many factors influencing performance, so the real test only happens when they get to F1.”

“The Australian has shown very good qualities. He’s fast and quite consistent. To evaluate him even better, it would be necessary to see him competing with the best. The team battle with an already established driver like Lando Norris is certainly telling.”

However, Trulli also thinks George Russell could be one of the strong contenders of the 2024 season: “I don’t see any other possible surprises. The unexpected outsider for the world championship might be George Russell if Mercedes becomes competitive again and capable of challenging Red Bull.”

Piastri McLaren F1 Surprise : Oscar’s Impact on the 2024 Season. Piastri McLaren F1 Surprise : Oscar’s Impact on the 2024 Season

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