Piastri Eyes Driving Style Overhaul for Tire Management

Piastri Eyes Driving Style Overhaul for Tire Management


Oscar Piastri plans to revise his driving style to better manage tire degradation after securing a solid fourth place at the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix.

Oscar Piastri experienced a mix of satisfaction and frustration after finishing fourth in the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix. The McLaren F1 driver was pleased with his strong pace and his team’s ability to compete with the top contenders.

“The team finished in the two worst positions, the first behind the winner and the first off the podium!” Piastri remarked. “But it’s a positive weekend for all of us. The car was very fast from the first lap in practice.”

“Lando was close to victory, and I think that was the best I could do given my starting position. I’m happy, there are obviously always ways to do better, but it’s two weekends in a row where we’re fighting for the win, and that’s encouraging.”

However, he admits he still needs to better understand the tires and their degradation: “I think there are things to review in terms of driving style. It’s very difficult with the tires, you don’t know what you’re going to get sometimes.”

“The first stint was very solid, but in the second stint, I pushed hard to undercut Sainz, and I pushed to catch Charles, and when you push on the tires, they overheat and it’s game over.”

“I think Charles did the same thing behind Lando. He managed to get right behind him, stayed there for a few laps, and lost as much time as I did. I think that’s interesting. I’m happy with the fast start, but I’ll be looking to make fast finishes too!”

The Penalty Made “a Big Difference” in His Race

Piastri had driven a Formula 1 car at Imola before but acknowledged the challenges of the circuit: “It’s my first weekend racing here, I had driven a F1 car here before so the track wasn’t new.”

“But it’s difficult to be perfect; one wheel out of line and there are major consequences. It’s frustrating that there’s still track limit control when there’s gravel everywhere. We’ll have to do better next year!”

“It’s been a very good weekend; the car was strong from the start of practice. The weekend was good for me, both in qualifying and the race. I prepared well, and I’ve been consistent lately. When you start to build confidence, things can only improve.”

Asked whether his penalty, after qualifying second, cost him the victory, he didn’t rule it out: “I don’t know what Max’s lap times were, but I know mine were very good. I was stuck behind the Ferrari and had to slow down to avoid hitting it. If I’d experienced that in second place, who knows?”

“It’s an alternate universe, but starting from second would have made a big difference. We always need to improve in all areas, and when you’re fighting for these kinds of positions, the smallest thing makes a huge difference. We will have to get stronger and stronger, weekend after weekend.”

Piastri Eyes Driving Style Overhaul for Tire Management. Piastri Eyes Driving Style Overhaul for Tire Management

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