Perez Vows to Up Performance for Red Bull

Perez: New Deal, New Pressure at Red Bull


Sergio Perez, fresh from extending his Red Bull contract, acknowledges the heightened performance demands as he prepares for the Canadian Grand Prix.

Sergio Perez recently extended his contract with Red Bull. Today, during the press day ahead of the Canadian Grand Prix, Perez discussed his new contract with the Austrian team.

He expressed satisfaction with the agreement and even hopes to end his career at Red Bull, though he subtly acknowledged that Red Bull will demand higher performance from him.

“I am obviously happy that we have found an agreement. It truly means that both parties are pleased with what we have achieved and are looking forward to the future. Obviously, we have big goals ahead,” he said when asked if there was a performance requirement included in his contract.

While Perez is pleased to secure a longer stay at Red Bull, likely with added pressure on performance targets, he recognises that working with this top team is demanding. Between the lines, it is clear he needs to be more on par with Max Verstappen.

“Red Bull is a team that really asks everything of you. It’s something that, since I’ve been here, is a question of intensity. Everything! On the track, off the track… It’s a challenge you don’t get anywhere else. I’ve never had this kind of challenge in my career, so when I sign, it’s because I’m really ready to face it and give 100%.”

The driver market is generally a source of stress for drivers. Perez does not deny having also talked with other teams, but he states that his main goal was always Red Bull.

“You always talk to different teams. There were other options, but for me, my plans A, B, and C were definitely to stay with Red Bull. I really want to finish my career here, whenever that may be. It’s a team that has given me so much in my career that I am really happy and just want to give my best for this team until my last lap.”

Many fans didn’t understand why Red Bull didn’t put someone more competitive alongside Verstappen. So, a straightforward question was asked: Did Perez sign a new contract with Red Bull Racing just to keep Verstappen comfortable? The Mexican responded vehemently.

“Nonsense! In Formula 1, there are always different agendas, and I understand that. Really. It’s something that has happened to all drivers since we entered the sport, and I think the best thing to do is just to lower the visor and focus on my work, to do my best for myself, for my career.”

“What people have to say or not, I appreciate that everyone has their opinion. But ultimately, I’m here to do my best for my career, and I’m happy with what I’ve accomplished. And Red Bull wouldn’t extend my contract if I wasn’t meeting their expectations.”

Does he see himself in F1 for much longer?

“When you look at Fernando [Alonso] or even Lewis [Hamilton], there is still a long way to go. I don’t think I have signed my last contract. I don’t feel like I have done that with this contract!”

Perez Vows to Up Performance for Red Bull. Perez Vows to Up Performance for Red Bull

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