Perez Regrets Newey's Exit

Perez Regrets Newey’s Exit


Despite Adrian Newey’s departure from Red Bull, Sergio Perez remains committed to the team, facing future races with uncertain prospects.

Sergio Perez is unsure if he will race next year with Red Bull Racing, but if he manages to keep his seat, he will rely on an RB21 without the contributions of Adrian Newey.

The Mexican was logically asked to comment on the departure of the most talented designer in F1, who might end up at Ferrari within a year.

“Adrian’s departure is a big blow for Red Bull. It’s obviously not ideal. Someone like Adrian has been great for our team, for our organization,” he admits during a press conference in Miami.

“He has obviously also become a very good friend, with all the time we’ve spent together. But ultimately, there are times in life when separation occurs, especially in the professional world. I think he’s spent 20 years at Red Bull and probably wants to do something else.”

Perez hints here: is retirement not on Newey’s agenda?

“I don’t know, I don’t think so, he’s still passionate! But I don’t know more than that.”

It is said that he would go to Ferrari…

“I assume he would have an immediate impact wherever he goes, he is much more than a designer – he can influence strategies, concepts, settings… He’s obviously a strong individual so wherever he goes, he will make an impact.”

“He’s a very smart, hardworking guy. He can also have this influence on a race weekend. Having him with us on race weekends was great. He’s a very strong guy but, obviously, it’s a whole group of people that he will also need to have around him.”

Perez then indicated that Red Bull has a bright future even without Newey.

“Red Bull is in an excellent position. There is a very solid organization with Pierre Waché, Enrico Balbo, and Ben Waterhouse. I think the entire aerodynamics group is very strong. We are simply looking towards the future.”

“You’ve seen it in the past with these big teams, these big names, when they leave, they still exist. It doesn’t matter because of one individual, it’s the whole organization that counts.”

And there’s no question of criticizing the boss for not being able to retain the Briton.

“Christian Horner has done an excellent job in preparing the next generation for what will happen at Red Bull.”

Perez Regrets Newey's Exit

Perez Regrets Newey’s Exit. Perez Regrets Newey’s Exit

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