AMR24 Circuit Optimization Strategy

Aston Martin F1 Enhances AMR24 for Diverse Tracks


Aston Martin F1’s Performance Director, Tom McCullough, targets significant advancements in the AMR24’s versatility for various circuits in the upcoming season, focusing on aerodynamics and technical adaptations.

Ahead of the upcoming season, Aston Martin F1’s Performance Director Tom McCullough is primarily focusing on optimizing the AMR24 to be a more complete car across various types of circuits on the calendar.

This involves a study already underway.

“We now know all the components of the future single-seater. And since we’ve always had a pretty good understanding of the different tracks and their requirements, I’ve already started studying the impacts of these changes on the settings or aerodynamic configurations to adopt, compared to what we had in 2023,” he explains.

He believes it’s not too soon for this.

“I think we’re in a good position now; we can go to any track and know which parts to put for the right setting windows, to be the best possible on that track.”

“Now we want to build an F1 that allows you not to have to change the configuration of the parts as much from one track to another, to always be strong. That’s what everyone is trying to do. I think the knowledge we’ve gained from the tests we’ve conducted is the main strength behind how we will develop the 2024 car, to optimize it even more easily.”

AMR24 Circuit Optimization Strategy. AMR24 Circuit Optimization Strategy

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