Norris Triumphs in Sprint Qualifying at China GP

Norris Triumphs in Sprint Qualifying at China GP


Lando Norris clinched the top spot in the F1 Sprint qualifying at the Chinese Grand Prix, surprising many with his MCL38’s exceptional performance in both dry and wet conditions.

Lando Norris set the fastest time in the Sprint qualifying for the Chinese Grand Prix. The McLaren F1 driver did not expect such a result but was surprised to find his MCL38 very effective in dry conditions, which was unexpected, as well as in the rain.

“I’m extremely happy, a big thank you to the whole team. It was tricky, you’re always nervous when you start a session like that, especially in qualifying when you don’t know if it’s going to rain. We were satisfied in the dry because we have a good pace so far, so I was nervous,” said the Briton.

“I was fast, I kept catching up to the Ferraris and I had to slow down, so I didn’t have two good first laps, but the third was enough. So I am happy, unfortunately, it’s not for the real quali, but it’s already good.”

“We did three laps in Q3, the first was aborted, and the last was the right one, but it was getting wetter, I made some mistakes, I had some aquaplaning, but it was fun. My heart was racing, and it’s a nice surprise with a good surprise for tomorrow.”

Norris is unable to predict how the Sprint will go, from which he will start first ahead of Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso, and Max Verstappen: “I have no idea. We did some laps this morning to understand but it will depend on the weather.”

“There’s a chance it could be like today so it might be alright. But the race is often different from qualifying. The pace is good whether it’s dry or wet, the car is good, the team did a great job and it pays off.”

Norris Triumphs in Sprint Qualifying at China GP

Norris Triumphs in Sprint Qualifying at China GP. Norris Triumphs in Sprint Qualifying at China GP

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