Norris Stays McLaren 2026

Lando Norris: Loyalty Over Opportunity for 2026


Amidst F1’s chaotic transfer season, Lando Norris chooses McLaren loyalty, eyeing unfinished business and future triumphs with the team.

McLaren CEO Zak Brown acknowledged that Lando Norris could have gone “anywhere” for the 2026 season, yet he opted to stay with the Woking team to complete their story and achieve success together.

Many were surprised to see Lando Norris extend his McLaren contract early in the winter, despite it not ending until the end of 2025. And naturally, after the major upheaval triggered by Lewis Hamilton and his upcoming move to Ferrari, Norris could have had an opportunity to play a significant role in the transfer market.

At Red Bull, admiration for the British driver’s talent was never hidden, and the team would have liked to pair him with Max Verstappen.

Norris Picks Loyalty Over Opportunity

However, Norris chose loyalty. Brown is very pleased that Norris and Piastri have placed their trust in McLaren, making the preparation for the new regulations in 2026 more tranquil.

“It’s fantastic for us, as the transfer market is a complete puzzle at the moment.”

“You need two great F1 drivers, and I believe that’s exactly what we have. Given their experience and age, I think we have an excellent driver lineup for the foreseeable future.”

“It’s also a great show of confidence from our drivers wanting to stay with us, especially since Lando’s contract was soon ending. He probably could have gone anywhere but chose to stay because we still have a lot of unfinished business.”

“The team morale is very high. The racing team is happy, everyone at the factory is doing fantastic work. We just need to keep our heads down because this is a tough sport. We are starting the year much better than the previous two, but it will still take some time to reach the top.”

“With our stability, and everything we have at our disposal this year, the foundation is set for great years at McLaren, with, obviously, the preparation for 2026 already on everyone’s mind.”


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