Norris McLaren MCL38 Excitement

Norris Eager for Season with McLaren MCL38 Boost


Lando Norris expresses excitement for his sixth F1 season, buoyed by successful MCL38 tests in Bahrain and the team’s relentless pursuit of improvement.

Lando Norris is pleased with McLaren F1’s Bahrain test outcomes. The British driver looks forward to competing with the MCL38, aware that fine-tuning remains.

“We’ve finally reached our season’s first race! I’m excited to kick off my sixth Formula 1 season and continue with the team. We ended last season on a high, so I’m hopeful we’ll keep up the momentum,” Norris stated. “It was great to get back behind the wheel of an F1 car last week.”

“The MCL38’s tests went well, setting us up nicely for the race weekend. We’ve learned a lot, but there’s always more to do to adapt to a new car. A big thank you to the team for their hard work in getting the MCL38 ready for the track. Let’s go!”

Oscar Piastri shares his satisfaction with the intensive Bahrain schedule: “I’m thrilled to start my second Formula 1 season. It’s fantastic to be back in the car, and the MCL38 is performing well. It was great to spend so much time in the car last week during testing.”

“We’ve learned a lot about the car, but it’s now that we truly see how we stack up against the competition. The team did an amazing job over the winter, and we’re all excited to get back to racing. The upcoming season should be a lot of fun.”

“Continuing the upward trajectory” from 2023

Andrea Stella, the team’s principal, also reflects positively on the tests, including the mechanical issues that allowed for preemptive troubleshooting.

“The team is eager to get back to racing. Last week’s three productive test days allowed us to work with the MCL38 to optimize performance and address reliability issues before the race weekend,” Stella mentioned.

“We’ve gathered a lot of data ahead of the season here in Bahrain. The entire team worked tirelessly during the off-season to build the MCL38 and prepare for the first race here in Bahrain.”

“A long season of 24 races awaits us, and our goal is to continue the upward trajectory we established last season. Lando and Oscar have both been working closely with their engineering teams over the past few months, and they’re entering this season prepared and ready to perform their best.”

“We can’t make predictions about our competitiveness, as testing is hard to interpret, but we’re committed to delivering our best performance in all aspects of our operations and looking forward to getting back to racing.”

Norris McLaren MCL38 Excitement. Norris McLaren MCL38 Excitement


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