Norris Driving Technique Improvement

Norris Refines Driving for Enhanced Performance


Lando Norris, McLaren F1 driver, shares insights on refining his driving technique and approach during winter, aiming for performance boosts.

Lando Norris detailed how he refined his driving technique over the winter to enhance both his performance and his approach. The McLaren F1 driver discussed how he shifted his strategy.

“There have been several aspects, both in my driving style and in my work ethic to maximize performance during laps and to grasp the nuances,” Norris stated. “I’ve also tested these adjustments on the simulator, striving for improvement.”

“Improving certain aspects can be challenging without being in the car and performing at your best. However, to the extent possible, including mental aspects, I’ve attempted to work on every area I could enhance, and I believe I’ve done that.”

He is hopeful to leverage these advancements during winter testing: “It’s always a different experience when you get back in the car and find yourself in those moments where you can really test things under pressure.”

“So, I’ve done what I could with the various team elements around me. Yet, it’s hard to tell before the season’s first qualifying whether these adjustments have been effective, whether they worked or not, and what needs to be done to improve in those areas.”

Lando Norris believes that despite the mistakes he made, often in qualifying, he was driving in the best form of his career during 2023.

Thanks to successful mid-season development, McLaren regained its competitiveness, and Norris distinguished himself with his first podium of the year at his home race at Silverstone.

Norris Driving Technique Improvement. Norris Driving Technique Improvement


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